An Offended Lady


As an avid reader of your magazine, I was more than a little deterred, not to say hurt, by a certain closing comment in your article on the UK production version TR7. A certain "CR." described the TR7 as "a good ladies car".

I am most certainly not what you would describe as a "women's libber," but I do happen to share some of the apparently exclusively male enthusiasm for anything on four wheels that goes a bit fast. I enjoy kart racing and own and race my own kart. I would not call myself a mechanic but a little common sense goes a long way.

I might point out that any "lad*" reading. that particular report would be put off a TR7 for life if the description of the brakes was anywhere near accurate!

Finally, let me say that although I may be in a minority, I do enjoy all motor sports so please inform "C.R." that there are some "true enthusiasts" even among the "ladies".

Brockenhurst, Hants. JUDY SHARROCK

[Point taken!—C.R.]