Armchair Luxury


I wish to completely endorse A. G. Lee's views on the Rover 3.5-litre coupe expressed in June Motor SportT. My 1969 model offers armchair luxury in silence with a fine road performance, uses no oil whatsoever and always returns 22 m.p.g. on a long run, which the car is used exclusively for. The car shares home with a "concours" 1968 Jaguar 340 and this makes an ideal pair. It is my fourth Rover, previous models being a 100, a 2000 and a 3-litre. I would also like to state that I am 24 years old and not in the retired colonel or magistrate idiom, and find these cars offer all one could ask for.

I am a member of the Rover Owners' Association and for Mr. Lee's information the address is c/o The Factory.

Thank you for an intelligent "no nonsense" magazine which I have enjoyed reading since 1969.

Chepstow N. BAZELEY