Rover Clubs


Further to your editorial comments (April Motor Sport) and subsequent readers' letters, there are two organisations devoted to the Rover marque the Rover Owners' Association, based at Solihull, which devotes its activities mainly to the company's cross country products and has many regional clubs —all very active. The Rover Sports Register exists for road-going models and has two sections: pre and post-1950. Active yes but not in such a flamboyant way. Our organisation is smaller and would not stand national advertising at present.

Official committee policy is not to tout for members hut neither does it want to keep out the genuine enthusiast. Like most one-make clubs we have been hit by the spares-only seekers.

There is a difference of opinion within the Committee and I feel optimistic that the RSR will be moving with the times in the not-too-distant future and the Editor will not have to make comments embarrassing to some of us. After all Motor Sport played its part in the formation of the RSR hack in 1953.

Cranleigh, Surrey GEOFFREY A. MOORE

Registrar The Rover Sports Register