A Warning to Customers for Old Cars


"Matters of Moment" in the April issue, on "Easter Eggs", was indeed most welcome, but I do hope it has not raised the prices beyond the ordinary man's pocket once again. A CIyno, Bull Nose, Chummy, etc used to be fun, or a few quid, but really!

The Daimler Majestic Major has been a gleam in my eye for many years but at first they were too dear, then too tatty. Perhaps the lucky owners will now start re-furbishing them.

I saw one in Hemmings last year, Daimler Majestic Limousine, immaculate, etc., etc., housed in the West Country, As my brother resides near the address shown, I phoned him and asked him to check it. phoned the gentlemen who were selling it. They sent him details, including coloured photos which, I found later, had been taken when the vehicle was much newer. Working for British Airways in New York it was not too difficult for me to visit them With money in my pocket, to buy this beautiful specimen. Thank God I did, because if I had been some poor unsuspecting American and sent a cheque over, asking them to ship it. I would have been had The vehicle was in the back of barn like garage, filthy dirty, had to have petrol put in before it would start, ran like a camel, power brakes not working, power steering not working, with clangings and bangings on the front-end, and also in the motor itself (this was after the sellers had been given two days' notice of my intended arrival). Thank the Lord that a little knowledge from my old BRDC friends such as Roy Salvadori and Cliff Davis was still with me and stopped my buying a pig in a poke. I still want a Majestic Major. If anyone has a good one I'll be over on the next 'plane to view it!

How pleasant it is in these days of £100,000 Rolls, Mercs, Bugatti, etc. to know that the Editor still cares for the poor people and wants them to enjoy their motoring as well.