The FIA Historic Championship


D.S.J. has always said that if you enjoy doing something – somebody will try to stop you. How right he is.

As a regular competitor in Vintage and Hostoric races – mainly in Europe I have seen changes since since the first “vintage” race meeting at Montlhery in 1968 – and not all for the better. At that time the chief obiective was to have fun!

The FIA hasn’t helped by organising a Championship whose rules were so badly formulated that they had to be “re-read” note, not “re-written”  – half-way through the season. The key issue being under-2-litre cars were excluded but 12 starters were required to make a round. The “re-read” means 12 starters in the race even if none of them are over 2-litres! It is therefore possible to have a Championship round where nobody can score any points! How stupid can you get!

If I apply D.S. J.’s theory, I am quite prepared to let the FIA organise a Championship, on the basis somebody may enjoy it. However, it has meant all the former “club” type nice meetings are now classified as full Internationals and full fire-proof clothing (including gloves, underwear etc.) are required at many of the rounds. This just represents added expense to the average clubman.

The latest rubbish is a plan to “homologate” each individual “historic” car. Needless to say this causes more expense to the unfortunate owner! The best joke being that the people in charge of the homologation procedure have virtually no knowledge of the small, post-war British sports cars such as Lotus, Lola, etc and therefore “homologate” anything with four wheels.

 My plea is that the Historic movement considers where it is going and if it really wants a European Championship – which will undoubtedly attract sponsorship and perhaps finally destroy this last stronghold of motorsport for Sport.

Cologne, W. Germany CHRIS DRAPER