Moth Rally

The Famous Grouse Moth Rally from Hatfield to Scotland on June 30th, sponsored by whisky distillers Matthew Gloag and Son Ltd., commemorated the 50th anniversary of the DH Gipsy Moth Reliability Tour. 55 various types of Moth aircraft started; 55 completed the assignment. A good show! Some of the participating Moths are shown on this page. The RAF Tiger Moth, top left, exemplified the classic trainer, after the Avro 504, in which so many pilots learned to fly. George Aird piloted this Dragon Rapide, above, with David and Cherry Cyster and Ivan and Heather Randall as passengers. The Hornet Moth from the Shuttleworth Trust, left, was flown by Garry Jones, co-piloted by G. Schwam, a Tiger Moth owner from the USA. The immaculate Tiger Moth, bottom left, was owned and flown by Dutch doctor Cees Schoonbeek, with Fritz Dissel as co-pilot. Below, as the pilots saw it — a view of a Tiger Moth’s cockpit.