W.B. says he is well aware that Peter Morley is the owner and driver of the Bentley-Napier in VSCC events but he did not write the caption on page 854 last month, and he wishes to say that, due to a transcription error, it was wrongly inferred, on page 850, that Mr A. J. Stevens went into the Army when he was too young to do so. Infact, he was too young; it was his Stevens motorcycle which served with the Forces Overseas and was never seen again. Mr Ian Robinson asks as to make it clear that his project to bring the Campbell LSR "Bluebird" back to England from the USA is an independent exercise, not that of the Patrick Collection of which he is General Manager. A Charitable Trust may be started to achieve the aim. Mr Robinson's address is: 107 Mercot Close, Oakenshaw, Redditch, Worcs., B98 7YY.

Finally, on page 808, where performance figures were quoted for the Ulster A7 it was implied that these were for the blown Ulster, whereas they were for the non-supercharged model. Can anyone offer the same figures for the blown Austin?