STD Wolverhampton Rally

On July 1st the STD Register held another Wolverhampton Rally, taking Coatalen Sunbeams back to their birthplace, following an idea we started hack in 1951. About 30 cars attended and it was encouraging to have new entries such as Marfield's 10/23 Talbot two-seater, off the road since 1959 but since restored to prize-winning condition. James's very nice 1923 Sunbeam Fourteen tourer, Hawley's rebuilt 1904 12 hp Sunbeam side-entrance tonneau, and a rebuilt 1924 Sunbeam Dawn. Roger Carter was there in his familiar 1934 Sunbeam 20 tourer, en route to Devon from Yorkshire, and Clarkson had driven his smart and rare 1924 18/55 Talbot tourer 260 miles from Cornwall. My little Talbot-Darracq gamefully managed about 180 miles in the day, from Wales and back.

Anthony Heal's twin-cam 3-litre Sunbeam had come even further and was joined by Selwyn's attractive car of this kind. Barrett brought the ex-Monte Carlo Rally 1928 Sunbeam 20 Weymann saloon, we admired Paul Easter's very competently re-fabriced Sunbeam 16 saloon, and noted that organiser Jeremy Grarnmer was using the 1928 Sunbeam 16 saloon he has had for 22 years. Present also was a locally-owned 1912 12/16 Sunbeam and Darracq was represented by Ward's 1911 tourer, while a Wolverhampton Star came to watch. As ever, the Police provided help with cover for a tour of the town, the cavalcade going into part of the old Sunbeam works in Villiers Street by the door through which finished cars used to go out on test by courtesy of Fafnirs. Andrews Industrial Equipment, Ltd. the welL known heating and ventilation experts, now installed in what was the 1914/18 Villiers office block and later the Norton works, generously dispensed tea and biscuits and gave away a booklet containing photographs of Sunbeam racing cars and other products made in adjacent factories and a colour poster featuring the 4-litre racing Sunbeam. Here Heal was in earnest conyersation with Norman Cliff, who worked mainly in Sunbeam's Experimental and Racing Department from 1920-1935, having brought a relation of Bill Perkins with him.


Pride of Ownership Awards. Saloon: R. Hancocks 1933 Sunbeam Speed 20).
Tourer: M. Hawley (1904 Sunbeam).
Runners up: 2nd P. Easier (1929 Sunbeam 16), 3rd A. Marfell (1925 10/23 Talbot).
Rootes Age / Distance Award: J. Clarkson (1924 18/55 Talbot).
D'Arcy Clark Award: (Under-bonnet condition): J. Kay 1925 Sunbeam 14/40).
John Coombes Trophy (Work for Register): Bill Barrott.