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Nigel Mansell was employed by Williams for the French Grand Prix, at a cost of who knows how much? He performed admirably in qualifying, but didn’t look terribly race fit. I’m still at a loss to understand why David Coulthard should have been replaced after his promising showings in Spain and Canada?

Surely, the likes of Coulthard are worthy of investment, with an eye on the long term?

Mansell has had his day in F1, and we all enjoyed watching him at his peak. Coulthard’s first few races have shown that he merits his place in F1, and that he represents a genuine prospect for continued British success at the top level, such as we have enjoyed with Mansell, in the recent past, and Damon Hill, at present.

The Hill/Coulthard partnership is a dream ticket for many Brits; please don’t break it up before it’s had chance to flourish.
George Tipman,

Grand day out


I have just returned from what I regard as one of the most pleasant British GP weekends I can recall. Firstly, Silverstone’s new layout offers several genuine interesting viewing spots for spectators, although I have to say that they should make opera glasses an option for those in the stands on the outside of Stowe. Secondly, the weather was splendid. Thirdly, we were able to savour victory by a British driver without witnessing a repeat of the ludicrous postrace ‘celebrations’ which greeted Mansell’s victory in 1992.

Congratulations to all concerned, and particularly to Damon Hill for accomplishing the victory that always eluded his father. It was a joy to witness.
Robert S Baker,