I read with interest Rob Walker’s letter regarding the Monaco Historique Grand Prix, and feel that, on this occasion, he has missed the point.

We dearly love to see the great heroes of the past and the exotic works machinery of yesteryear, and for which the many enthusiasts troop to Goodwood, Coys Silverstone and Monterey, but Monaco was to be something different.

All the great drivers have raced at Monaco in the past, but for the amateur historic racer, this was a once and for all opportunity to drive competitively around the streets of Monte Carlo. For those of us who had to break away from a full time job on a Thursday or Friday night, hitch up the trailer, cross the Channel and then drive some 15 hours across Europe for two 20-minute practice sessions and a 12-lap race in an historic Formula Junior, this was a dream come true. The 30 Formula Junior cars all driven by amateurs, with cars shipped at their own expense from as far away as USA and Cape Town, provided a weekend of unforgettable experience.

It was of course great to see Stirling Moss and Susie there, plus other heroes of the past such as Ken Downing and Maria Theresa de Filipis, and modern greats such as David Coulthard, but for once this was intended to he the amateur’s weekend and we loved it.

I am yours etc,

Duncan C Rabaguati, Wimbledon, London