Porsche 956-962



By Michael Cotton and Gustav Büsing
ISBN 3928540408
Published by Gruppe C Motorsport-Verlag GmbH, £59.99

Now that the dust has truly settled on the unsurpassed 17-year career of Porsche’s great 956/962, the time is right for a detailed post-mortem.

Porsche’s regular team of book producers, led by long-time photographer Ulrich Upietz, has updated its excellent history of the car, first printed in 1993, adding new chapters to cover the Dauer 962 and Kremer K8s that prolonged this model’s life up until 1998.

There is new material elsewhere, too, but the key to this book is still its photographs; over the 320 pages almost every livery ever seen is shown.

These are backed by Büsing and Cotton’s summarising but thorough history, written in English and German. A list of chassis and a results table complete what must be a pillar of any sportscar library. TS