TGP, Misano

June 18

Joaquin Folch overcame a failing clutch on his Brabham BT49D to claim his second win of the season in round three of the FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship at Misano.

Despite the best efforts of Williams racers Peter Sowerby and Richard Eyre, Folch (left) finished 13sec up as searing temperatures marked TGP’s first race at the Italian track.

Sowerby backed off when he saw smoke coming from the Spaniard’s Brabham, thinking the leader’s DFV was about to expire, but it was leaking fluid causing the smoke; by the time he realised, it was too late to challenge.

Behind Sowerby, Steve Hartley (Arrows A6) ran nose to tail with Eyre as they battled for third place. Hartley made the better start, but Eyre fought ahead and doggedly defended to the flag.

John Delane won Class A after the head cracked on Ean Pugh’s Brabham BT34, while John Crowson (Ensign N177) took maximum points in Class B to lead the overall standings.