HSCC, Croft

June 17/18

Nelson Rowe was the toast of the Historic FF1600 pack during the HSCC’s annual visit to Croft when he inflicted two defeats on arch-rival Neil Fowler. In dry conditions on Saturday and again in the rain of Sunday, Rowe kept his Crosslé 20F ahead of the Lola T200 of multiple champion Fowler. Nigel Bancroft (Crosslé 20F) and Westie Mitchell (Merlyn Mk20) rounded out the two podiums.

The Historic Racing Saloon Mini Coopers (pictured below) of Roger Ebdon (77) and Roger Godfrey (85) also revelled in the rain. In the dry, Neil Wood’s Anglia won, but the Minis blitzed the field on Sunday.

A small Formula Junior field delivered wins for Barry Westmoreland and John Truslove. Pedalling his Lola Mk2 in simply stunning style, Truslove beat all the rear-engined cars in the rain.

Team-mates Matthew Watts (Brabham BT16) and Ian Gray (Brabham BT30) won a Classic Racing Car race each, while Classic Sports wins went to John Taylor (Chevron) and Jamie Boot (TVR).