Monaco Grand Prix

Michael Hewett

Another day, another picture book, but that’s not to denigrate this hefty 352-page hardback. A year-by-year account of the great race, there’s minimal text, much of it in extended captions. But some of the images – most are by Hewett – are fabulous: we particularly enjoyed Chris Amon flogging his eponymous car in qualifying in ’74 and Jochen Rindt two-wheeling his Lotus 49 en route to his ’70 win, while shots of Lorenzo Bandini’s ’67 crash are compelling. If there is a criticism, it’s that pictures are often cropped tight with little background detail: we would have preferred it if they’d been given a little room to breath. The design is a mite dated, too, but there’s much to like here. RH

Published by Haynes, ISBN 978-1-84425-401-9, £40