Form Follows Function

The Art of the Supercar by Stuart Codling

Let's be honest, there's no shortage of books on supercars out there. Type 'supercar into Amazon and you'll be staring at a screen displaying well over 400 results.

However, Codling's effort focuses on the styling, the beauty and the relationship between form and function. The author doesn't brag about driving the cars himself, instead choosing to cover the history of each car and the aforementioned styling.

From the 'Gullwing' to the MP4-12C, the highlights of the supercar timeline have been picked out and the text is bolstered by McLaren design director Frank Stephenson's views and some stunning photography. Such a glossy book carrying a price tag of only £25 is certainly refreshing, and don't let it make you believe this is a token effort Favourite car? In my opinion the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato is one of the most achingly beautiful cars ever built. EF

Published by Motorbooks ISBN 978 7603 4116 2, £25