The Monaco Grand Prix- why?

Without wanting to detract from Mark Webber's deserved victory, maybe someone who enjoys F1 racing, rather than its financial exploitation, can explain why the Monaco GP remains on the current F1 calendar? Without mention of the innumerable previous similar occasions, based on this year's race alone it is obvious that passing, unless while in the pits or under the blue flag, is not possible. Each attempt at a pass on the track ended in either disaster or the gained place having to be allowed back due to the sole half overtaking opportunity inevitably culminating in a collision or a car having to run off the marked track.

The drivers' frustration must only be equalled by that of the TV commentators as they try to inject some enthusiasm into the audience while describing the identical line of cars lap after lap.

Clearly the FIA Overtaking Committee never even contemplated the exclusion of the miserably narrow and outdated Monaco facilities, or it would have been top of their priority list. KERS and DRS, both introduced to increase overtaking, are without any merit on a track so incapable of sustaining them.

Each year I vow not to watch the Monaco GP, but always do on the vague chance that I might witness a brilliant clean pass, other than under the blue flag or in the pits.

I fear I'm wasting my time. It's Superbikes next year for me.

Bill Pack, South Shields, Tyne & Wear