National Motorsport week

Ever since the likes of John Cooper and Colin Chapman started dominating Grand prix racing in the late 1950s and early ’60s, Britain has been the hub of influence and innovation in motor racing. to celebrate the Uk’s success in motor sport, National Motorsport Week was founded back in 2006 and the aim was clear from the start.

“The concept is a simple one,” said MIA CEO Chris Aylett at the time, “‘Take a mate to motor sport’. Introduce a friend who may be interested but who has never participated, and let them enjoy the sport. Whether it’s one friend, two or 10, all we ask is that all those who enjoy motor sport should get involved.”

Jointly promoted by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) and the Motor Sports Association (MSA), this year’s event runs between the Goodwood Festival of Speed, on June 30, and the British Grand Prix, on July 8. however, although the week is sandwiched between two headline motor sport events, much of its focus is on grass-roots racing and novice events run by local motor clubs.

The reason behind organising such a week is not merely to advertise how much Britain contributes to the motor sport industry, but to inspire excitement in the sport that we all love, and generate new interest. If Britain is going to remain at the forefront of the industry it is imperative that we try to increase the number of spectators, marshals, competitors and officials. There are events all the way through the week that will be helping to raise awareness, from Lindholme Motor Sports Club’s display of rally cars at the RAF Waddington Air Show on June 30, to a newcomer’s Autotest event at Loughborough Car Club in Leicester.

On July 2, though, one of the headline events will take place in the shape of the MIA’s summer reception at the House of Lords. Although this is restricted to the association’s members and their guests it will provide one of the best opportunities to meet some of the industry’s leading figures. the award for outstanding contribution to the motorsport industry will be presented on the day, which has been given to the likes of Adrian Newey, Ross Brawn OBE and Sir Stirling Moss in the past. This year both David Coulthard and Mercedes CEO Nick Fry are official spokesmen for National Motorsport Week.

“Britain is the home of international motor sport,” says Coulthard, “and we all have so much to celebrate. The history books show that we have produced more F1 world champions than any other nation and British teams and drivers remain at the forefront of Grand prix racing today. But there’s far more to National Motorsport Week than simply waving the flag; it’s a great opportunity for everyone involved to showcase their own successes and activities.”

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