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With virtual racing on the rise, this could be the best option for going up against the pros in equal machinery

Racing sim

Pro-sim professional esports sim rig

Professional esports series have sprung up everywhere, with real-life stars from the worlds of Formula 1, GTs, Formula E and even junior-level single-seaters going head-to-head with gamers and amateurs, all from the comfort of their homes. The good news is that esports is accessible. Technically, it’s the cost of a console, game and internet connection. But if you want to do it properly, you’ll want one of these. There are hundreds of companies offering sim rigs for varying costs, but you’ll have to look quite hard to find one more comprehensive than this complete set-up from Pro-Sim. The ‘rig’ comprises three QHD 165hz gaming monitors, synced together and mounted onto a hand-built powder-coated aluminium frame and racing seat. The steering module can offer up to 25Nm of torque and is 1:1 scale with a bespoke GTE-style wheel, so feedback and feel is accurate to real-life situations. There’s also a real Quaife gearshift.

The most impressive addition is the hydraulic pedal set-up, which can withstand over 200kg of force and is fully adjustable. It even has a dedicated master cylinder. It comes fully set-up with a high-end water-cooled gaming PC. It can be delivered to you from Pro-Sim’s Kent base.

It even offers the ability for a pro driver to dial-in with you and provide virtual driver training. If that’s not enough, Pro-Sim also offers a fully custom software option, featuring real-life data from partner teams and upgraded 55in screens. But brace yourself, it’s £36,000…

From £14,250


Displate metal posters

We’ve featured a few different poster styles in this section, but these all-metal offerings from Displate are that bit different. Each design is printed onto either matte or gloss 3mm-thick sheet steel, before having the edges rounded for safety, and is then supplied with a damage-free magnetic wall- mounting kit. There are hundreds of different images to choose from, but we particularly like these modernist impressions of racing heroes such as Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and Marc Márquez. There are three sizes to choose from and a host of great car designs, too.

From £36


Racing chocs sweets

You wouldn’t usually combine motor sport and confectionery, but Racing Chocs has. Founded in 2018 by Matthew Poat, the business has grown exponentially and now produces fine chocolates inspired by racing stars. The range is huge. Fancy a vanilla cream-filled Lewis Hamilton lid, or how about a cool mint fondant Kimi Räikkönen? The selection boxes are a stroke of genius, giving you a range to enjoy. You can also have your real-life noggin turned into a sweet treat…

Selection boxes from £15


Lego Technic RC Rally Car

Few things in life are certain: death, taxes, and desirable LEGO sets. This rally set looks fantastic and now, thanks to a clever new mobile app, it offers full remote control, allowing you to traverse the kitchen floor without bruising your knees. Consisting of 463 pieces, it features a Smart Hub engine piece that connects to the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app so you can accelerate, brake, steer and reverse, all with realistic sound effects. As for the car, it’s an unlicensed, bespoke design, but does make us think what it would be like to crash an Audi Quattro and a Ford Fiesta RS WRC together…



Reservoir Watches

Long-term readers of Motor Sport will know that we like Reservoir watches. The French firm has been designing fine automotive-themed wrist pieces since 2015, each with a distinctive character. Hand-made in Switzerland, they feature a proven mechanical automatic movement made of 124 components. Our pick would be the Supercharged range, featuring dials inspired by the speedometers of classic cars. Each comes in a 43mm aluminium case and with a fine leather strap. The main hand counts minutes, while the jumping- hour window completes the face alongside the power reserve meter, designed to resemble a fuel-gauge. There’s a wide range of choices at the Motor Sport Shop.

From £4600


Rare 1950s F1 armband

We don’t usually feature one-offs on this page, but every so often something genuinely different comes out of the blue. Motorsport Memorabilia always has a great range of quirky pieces, from signed items to car pieces, but few are as unusual as this original 1950 Italian Grand Prix mechanics’ armband. It hails from the season finale at Monza and was worn by a mechanic tending the no32 ERA, driven by TC ‘Cuth’ Harrison. It wasn’t a fruitful outing for the car dealer from Sheffield. In only his third grand prix, he would qualify down in 21st, and later retire on the 51st lap with radiator trouble, and would never again appear in a grand prix. But this piece stands as a unique memento of the first F1 season. The silk and elastic armband is supplied in a sealed frame, coupled with a period shot.


A hole in your pocket

If you’re determined to ruin a good walk, the golf courses are open again, and car makers know it…

Bentley club sets

Bentley got into the golf market last year, and its iron sets start at near £1800. There’s also the rarer £12,000 Centenary set.



Taylormade Audi balls

The Audi Quattro Cup is an amateur golf championship, not a racing series. These are the official TaylorMade Burner balls.



Rolls limo cart

Want to stand out? This Rolls Phantom- inspired buggy has space for six, an Alpine sound system and chrome rims. Terrible.


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