Mercedes-AMG One actually does bring F1 tech to the road

Der neue Mercedes-AMG ONE: Formel-1-Technologie für die StraßeThe new Mercedes-AMG ONE: Formula 1 technology for the road
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Previously when a manufacturer claimed it was bringing Formula 1 technology to its road cars it was fibbing. A Renault Clio has about as much in common with an F1 car as a Saab did with a fighter jet… so, not much then.

However, if one machine can genuinely lay claim to true F1-inspired tech on the everyday Tarmac it’s the Mercedes-AMG One, which has finally been fully unveiled after half a decade of development.

Mercedes-AMG One interior
Mercedes-AMG One engine

Just 275 will be made, each costing £2.5m, but within its full carbon-fibre body lurks a version of the EQ POWER+ engine that powered the Silver Arrows to eight F1 constructors’ titles. The total output is 1048bhp, mating a 1.6-litre turbo V6 with electric motors and hybrid systems. The 556bhp V6 is built in the same Brixworth High Performance Powertrains facility as the true F1 units. It can rev to 11,000rpm and AMG has somehow coaxed 359bhp per litre from it – which suddenly makes your Fiesta EcoBoost that bit less impressive.

The AMG One also features a raft of active aero devices, such as moving front splitter elements and dynamic rear wing which alternate position together to juggle downforce levels. The first deliveries are expected late this year.