Formula 1: good month, bad month — August 2022

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Good month

By George!

Russell still hasn’t finished outside the top five this season, the only driver to do so. Lewis Hamilton could start being given team orders at this rate…


Maximum Energy

Ruthless Red Bull maximising every opportunity where Ferrari isn’t – 1-2 in Baku the latest proof, producing an unprecedented championship swing to now lead the list.


Sergio likes the latest understeer-y refinements of his RB18. Can he challenge Max for the title?

Silver Arrows on the rise

Despite all its issues, Mercedes’ consistency means it’s just 38 points off Ferrari, whose car has been so much better. The top three teams are tighter than you might think.


Elder statesman

In-between appearing on BBC’s Question Time, Vettel has been helping Aston climb the order – it’s now level with Haas after a consummate sixth in Baku from the German.


Bad month

Maranello disasterpiece

After Ferrari threw away an easy victory in Monaco through its strategy (or lack of), Leclerc’s PU puttered out in Baku – same as in Barcelona. “It hurts – I don’t have the words,” he said.


Lumbering up

Hamilton says he “cannot express” the pain caused in his back from porpoising, while Gasly said drivers will be “ending up with a cane at 30” if it carries on. ‘2023 Zimmer frame GP’ anyone?


Schumacher at risk

All looking shaky for Schumacher – fell out of the points in Spain, split car in half in Monaco, faded away in Baku. Is his Haas seat at risk?


A bit wet

Race direction held off the Monaco GP for over an hour due to the wet conditions. Doesn’t exactly smack of motor racing heroics.


Stroll confirms crash

Lance Stroll crashed in Baku qualifying, but managed to carry on for another lap. Just to confirm he’d damaged the car properly, then binned it in the wall again a lap later. Oops.