The san Sebastian Grand Prix

in order to complete our series of reports of all important races, we give hereunder succinct accounts of the last events of the Continental season, which were unavoidably held over from our November issue. MOTOR SPORT is now the only English journal which reports in full all important races in all parts of the world, and the completion of the series is therefore useful for reference purposes.-ED.

The San Sebastian Grand Prix.

AFTER being put off and suffering various vicissitudes, the San Sebastian Grand Prix was finally run off on 5th October in glorious weather and before a large crowd. The field included Lehoux, Etancelin, Dreyfus,

Zanelli, Max Fourny, Maleplane and Van Hulgen on Bugattis ; Varzi and Maggi on 21-litre Maseratis ; Stoffel and Ferrand. on the famous old 41-litre Targa Florio Peugeots; and the two Montiers on their wonderful " Fords." The competitors, after each had had a conversation with the King of Spain, were given a massed start, and at the end of the ' first round the two Maseratis appeared in the lead, hotly pursued by Lehoux, Etancelin and Dreyfus on the fastest of the Bugattis. On the fourth round, Lehoux proceeded to break the lap record at 88.8 m.p.h., only to be eclipsed first by Dreyfus, who realised 89 m.p.h., and then by Varzi, who clocked 93.3 m.p.h. Soon afterwards Etancelin overturned, and although fortunately he sustained no

injuries, his car was put out of the race.

At half distance Varzi stopped to fill up, and Lehoux and Dreyfus both passed him, but soon afterwards the last named also overturned, and although not seriously injured, was removed to hospital. Next Lehoux failed to appear, and later it was announced that he had retired. In the meantime Zanelli had crashed and van Hulgen's car had caught fire, so the ranks of the Bugattisti were being rapidly thinned. Varzi now had a comfortable lead, and finally crossed the line a winner, having covered the distance at an average speed of 84/ m.p.h. Maggi was second, and the race thus proved an overwhelming triumph for the Maseratis. The two veteran Peugeots, which had run with remarkable speed and regularity were third and fourth. The final results were as follows :

1, Varzi (Maserati), 3h. 43m. 5s. ; 2, Maggi (Maserati), 41i. 5m. 3s. ; 3, Stoffel (Peugeot), 4h. 8m. 48s. ; 4, Perrand (Peugeot), 4h. 10m. 10s. ; 5, Max Fourny (Bugatti), 4h. 13m. 58s. ; 5, de Maleplane (Bugatti), 4h. 15m. 46s. ; 7 , F. Montier (Ford).

The Italian "Circuit of the South" Race.

ANEW Italian race, entitled the Circuit of the South, was run for the first time on 29th September. The course was a single open road circuit, measuring some 660 miles round, starting from Naples and going to Tarento and Salerno and so back to Naples. The race was for " touring" cars, and. resulted in a victory for one of the 1,750 c.c. supercharged Alfa-Romeos, driven by Arcangeli and Carraroli. Twenty-six finished the course, the leaders being as follows :

1, Arcangeli and Carraroli (Alfa-Romeo), 10h. 14m. 1 ls. ; 2, Rosa and Bassi (0.111.), 10h. 29m. 14s. ; 3, Ippolito and Guatta (Alfa-Romeo), 10h. 29m. 28s. ; 4, Stazza and Borzoni (Lancia), 10h. 31m. 39s. ; 5, Morandi and Peragallo (0.M.), 10h. 43m. 44s. ; 6, Cantono and Mancinelli (AlfaRomeo), 1011. 53m. 5Cs. ; 7, Felicioni (Itala), 111i. 4m. 28s.

The Czecho-Slovakian Grand Prix.

1 1HIS race was run on 28th September over the Masaryk Circuit, near Brno, Czecho-Slovakia. The event attracted thirty starters, including a large number of Bugattis, Nuvolari and Borzacchini on 2-litre Alfa-Romeos, and Rudolf Caracciola on his giant Merced. s. The two latter were forced to retire before the end of the contest, and in fact only eleven cars finished. The r,.ce, which was over a distance of 310 miles, went to Von Morgen on a 2-litre Bugatti, this make also occupying second and third places, while Nuvolari (Alfa-Romeo) was fourth. The official results were as follows : 1, Von Morgen (Bugatti), 4h. 51m. 13s. ; 2, Burggaller (Ilugatti), 411. 57m. 3s.;

3, Hardegg (Bugatti) ; 4, Nuvolari (AlfaRomeo).