700 Miles in 700 Minutes



700 Miles in 700 Minutes.

The last of a series of seven tests under A.C.U. observation was brought to a successful conclusion by the manufacturers of Ariel motorcycles some little time ago.

There are seven distinct models of this make for 1932, and each has been subjected to a separate test in which the figure ” 7 ” appears. Thus one has run for seven hours at Brooklands, another has covered 70 miles in an hour, a third has run for 70 minutes in each of its four gears, and so on.

The final test was of the 600 c.c. four-cylinder machine, the idea being to cover 700 miles in 700 minutes. The A.C.U. official selected all the engine components at random from stock, and the parts were assembled under observation. The machine was then run in and taken to Brooklands track.

The 700 miles were covered comfortably in the 700 minutes—in fact, with half an hour to spare.

After its test the machine was officially timed over a lap at the track, at a speed of 87.1 m.p.h.

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