AT a meeting of the International Competitions Committee of the A.I.A.C.R. on the 13th October, 1933, the following important alterations and additions to the International Sporting Code were agreed upon.

In some cases entirely new rules have been adopted, and in others the existing wording has been amended. In the latter the new words are in italics.

14. COMPETITION. Any meeting, test, attempt at record, reliability tried, rally, etc., in which an automobile takes part.

Competitions are “International” or “National.” They are either ” open ” or “closed.” Moreover they may be ” restricted.” A Competition may be promoted by an A.C.N., by one of its duly authorised affiliated Clubs, or by a promoting Committee specially authorised by an A.C.N. for that purpose. (From old Rule 16.) 15. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. A competition is International when it is open to entrants or drivers of different

countries. .

16. NATIONAL COMPETITION. A competition is National when it is confined to entrants or drivers of the country in which it is organised.

17. OPEN COMPETITION. Any competition (international or national) is called ” open ” when it is open to any person or body holding an A.I.A.C.R. Licence.

18. CLOSED COMPETITION. A competition is called” closed ” when it is confined to members of a Club. Such a competition must be authorised by the A.C.N. concerned which may, in exceptional circumstances, extend its authorisation to several clubs acting together in the organisation of the competition. 19. RESTRICTED COMPETITION. The designation ” restricted ” applies to any competition in which the entrants or drivers have to comply with particular conditions laid down in the Supplementary Regulations, for instance :—

Competition restricted to makers. Competition restricted to owner drivers, etc.

CONTROL OF RALLIES. To bring Rallies Properly under control, the following additional and amended rules have been made in the Sporting Code. k ALLv. .A Reliability Trial with a limited mean speed in which the routes to be traversed end at the same deter

mined point and in which the highest speed attained over the whole route does not constitute a factor in the list of awards —nevertheless one or more speed trials may be included as supplementary tests in the Rally organisation.

72. INTERNATIONAL COURSES. When the course of a competition traverses the territory of several countries the promoters must _first obtain through their A.C.N. the consent of each A.C.N. through which the competition passes.

Each A .C.N. will keep the sporting control of the competition whilst it is passing through its territory, but the publication of the results will be made by the A.C.N. of the promoters.

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING CALENDAR. The following amendments have been made in the Rules for the formation and adherence to the International Sporting Calendar in the AppendixG of the Sporting Code.

276. FORMATION OF Tun CALENDAR. Each year at its Annual General Meeting, the A.I.A.C.R. will prepare the Calendar for International Competitions to be held during the following year in its constituent countries.

Each A.C.N. will have the prior claim to one competition on the Calendar, the date of which does not clash with other dates.

Before any dates are settled, however, the dates of the great National Competitions enumerated in Rule 277 will be settled. When the first skeleton of the Calendar has been made as above, each A.C.N. may obtain a date on the Calendar for other International Competitions under the following conditions :—

(a) that the Competitions are organised by the A.C.N. itself or that they are recommended by the A.C.N. and have been held at least once previously.

that the dates of the competitions do not clash with other dates or that they are acceptable to the delegates assembled to draw up the Calendar. Uach request for an inscription on the Calendar must be accompanied by a fee of francs 1,000. Half this sum will be retained by the A.I.A.C.R., the other half will be returned if the event takes place or if it has been prevented from (b)

being held by force raajeure. 277. RESPECT TO ‘.CHE CALENDAR. After the drawing up of the International Sporting Calendar :—

(1) No addition can be made thereto for the year in question.

(2) No A.C.N. may give a permit for the holding of an International Competition in its country for a date which clashes with any other date reserved for a competition on the Calendar unless permission for the promotion of such competition has first been obtained through the A.I. A. C. R.

Should, however, a period of ten days have elapsed after the A.I.A.C.R. has forwarded such a request and should no answer have been received during that period, it will be assumed that the necessary permission has been granted.

(3) No alteration may be made in the date for holding a meeting inscribed on this Calendar without permission similar to that described in (2) having been received. PENALTIES. Sporting Code Rules 203, 201, 195, 199, 200. The International Competitions Committee has decided that the rules regarding the Penalties which an A.C.N. may pronounce on a ” Mark ” of Automobile must relate to its own country only.

Further action, if recommended, can only be decided upon by the C.S.I. itself.

Rules regarding procedure will be drawn up.

The C.S.I. resolved to take no action regarding payment of drivers for entering or competing in any competition.

The C.S.I. resolved to make no International definition of” Amateur Drivers.”

PUBLICATION OF RECORDS. It was decided that notification of International Records said to have been broken should be made by an A.C.N. to the A.I.A.C.R. by telegram within 48 hours of notification and confirmed by letter within eight days.

INTERNATIONAL RACING CAR. FORM 1-1,A. No alterations were made in the formula for International Racing Cars for 1934, 1935 and 1936.

The above alterations will be incorporated in the 1934 edition of the international Sporting Code which will be available early next year.