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CLUB NEWS—continued FORD ENTHUSIASTS CLUB “btlt• wrmustAvis

A trial will be held on December 27th under R.A.C. Closed Invitation Permit No. A 404, for which the N.W. London M.C., West Hants & Dorset Kentish Border C.C., United Hospitals & L.M.C., and Southsea M.C. have accepted. The start will be from Petersfield Market Square at 11 a.m. and after the finish competitors will assemble at the Royal Huts Hotel, Hindhead. There will be stiff hills, divided into sections, and a marking system will be used. An acceleration test will decide ties. There will be five classes, for 8, 10, and over 10 h.p. Ford cars, other cars under If-litres and other cars over 11-litres, blown cars to run in the next higher class, and special Fords in the general categories. Fifty bonus marks will be given if non-competition covers are used, but ” knobblies ” are advised and solid axles are permitted in the general category. Entry fees will be 10/for members of invited clubs, 7/6 for Ford Club full members, and 5/for teams of two. Closing date first post December 20th. Team entries up to starting time. First and second class

awards will be given in each class, as well as a Premier for each class and an award will be made for the most meritorious performance as a whole. The route will be about 50 miles. This trial is being largely organised by the well known trials drivers, S. H. Allard and K. N. Hutchison, assisted by Messrs. Fry, Canham, White and Boddy. Offers of marshalling assistance will be appreciated. Mr. Gardner has been elected Vice-President of the Club and Mr. Fry as Chairman. A dance for social members will probably be arranged at the Millbrooke Dining Club on January 6th, when a film-show will most likely be included. Full particulars of the trial can be obtained from S. H. Allard, to whom entries should be sent. His address is : 15, Millbrooke Court, Putney, London. S.W.15.

VINTAGE S.C.C. Membership of this classical body continues to increase rapidly and now ex ceeds 250. Nineteen members were elected between September and the end of October, of whom nine are associates, and the remainder own between them two Speed Six Bentleys, two 41-litre Bentleys, two 2-litre Lagondas, a 3-litre Alfa-Romeo, a Lambda Lancia, a 30/98 Vauxhall, a Rover Twelve, and an Allen Special—all, of course, pre 1931. The November Bulletin, printed on art paper and illustrated, includes a report, of the Croydon Speed Trials and Winterslow Rally, Veteran Notes, some delightful Odds and Ends and an equally delightful Editorial, and an article on Bentleys at Brooklands by W. Boddy. We feel that the verse by Colin Nicholson deserves a wider public than that afforded it by the Bulletin :— ” Nash and Godfrey hated cogs, Built a car with chains and dogs,

And it works—but would it, if, They had built it with a dif ? “

John Seth-Smith is now treasurer, and M. W. B. May has been elected to join Forrest Lycett and Lt.-Col. J. Clutton as Vice-Presidents.

Hon. Secretary ! ‘1’. W. Carson, The Phcenix Hotel, Hartley Row, Hants.


The Invicta Car Club is planning a novel Welsh Winter Rally for a week-end in January. There will be two courses, a short and a long, the latter involving some quite prolonged and strenuous motoring. This is expected to be a closed invitation event and particulars should be available shortly.

Hon. Secretary : D. Monro, “Wind Brow,” Wilmington. Road, London, N.2. HARROW CAR CLUB

The Harrow Car Club held its Annual General Meeting on the 27th October. The chair was taken by Mr. C. G. Cullen. The Club has gone ahead rapidly with its increasing membership and during the past year has staged many successful events. The following officials were lecteed for the coming year :—

Patrons : The Earl Howe, Mrs. IC. Petre.

President : S. C. H. Davis, Esq. Vice-Presidents : Oliver Bertram, Esq.; Briault, Esq. ,• C. G. Cullen, Esq. ; Raymond Mays,

Esq. ; A. E. Moss, Esq.

Hon. Secretary : P. G. Fowler.

Hon. Treasurer : F. J. Coyne. Hon. Competition Secretaries : L. G. Eckett ;

Miss M. Webb.

Club Captain : S. G. E. Tett.

Hon. Magazine Editor • L. G. Wilkins.

Hon. Press Secretary : *V. W. Bailie.

Hon. Social Secretary : G. B. Murphy.

Hon. Solicitor : A. L. Philips.

Hon. Auditor : W. Jackson. Committee : R. M. Andrews ; E. J.. Haesendonck ;

A. W. Jones ; R. E. Thurston.

At the end of the meeting two presentations were made. The Mos: Cup for the Chiltern Summer Trial to D. E. Harris and an electric clock to A. W. Rackham for his success in the non-stop variety run which was held on the 17th October. On November 7th, the Harrow Car Club held a very successful series of learners’ tests in the Chess Valley district, about fifty people took part, with an entry of eighteen cars. There were thirteen questions asked on the Highway Code, and the answers proved both interesting and amusing, and as far as the driving tests were concerned the

standards were very high. The test ended at Beaconsfield, where it was announced that V. S. A. Biggs was the winner, with D. T. Russell and R. Wilkins tying for second place. GENERAL NOTES Although the 1937 trials season is not quite over, it is very nearly so, and the time is ripe for a consideration of this year’s events in a form of reference which will give some idea of who are the outstanding drivers, and which are the leading cars, in the sphere of trial and rally. The following list does not pretend to be comprehensive, but it does show who won worth-while pieces of silverware this year and what motors they used !— Scottish S.C.C. Winter Trial ; Premier Award, big-car class : Drew McQueen (Ford V8). _

Scottish S.C.C. Winter Trial ; Premier Award, up to 1k-litres: N. Gibson (M.G.). Torbay & Totnes Standard Car Trial ; best per

forrnanee : Lucy (M.G.).

Southsea M.C. Match Trial ; Club Cup F. L. Cox (M.G.).

Margate & D. M.O. Broadley Cup : C. J. Turner (Singer). Sunbeam M.C.C. One-Make ” Twosome ” Award :

S. H. Allard and K. Hutchison (Ford V8 Specials). Ringwood M.C. & L.C.C. Ringwood Cup : R. A. Maedermid (M.G.).

Great West !CC. Hayward Tankard : S. H. Allard_ (Ford V8 Special). Malden & D. MX. Plough Cup : G. F. Penthony

M.G. C.C. C.M.I. Banana Trophy : S. Curry (M.G.)M.O.C. ” Exeter ” Team Award : MaedermidLaiigley-Bastoek (M.G. Magnette) team.

Scottish S.C.C. Standard Tyre Sleigh Quaich Trophy : N. Gibson (M.G.).

Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Full Moon Cup : R. A. Macdermid (M.G.).

Taunton M.O. Allen Trophy : P. S. Flower (M.G.). Torbay & Totnes M.C. Committee Cup : F. C. Rolfe (Singer).

United Hospitals & University of London MX.. Hospitals Cup ; C. A. N. May (M.G.).

Harrow CM. ” C.L.J. ” Trophy : A. W. Rackham. (31.14.).

West of England KC. Knill Cup : D. A. Slaws( D. A.S. Special).

Margate & D. M.C. Wye Cup : 3. A. Bastock (M.G.). Colemore Trophy : S. H. Allard (Allard Special). M.G. C.C. S.M.M.T. Trophy : W. K. Stewart (M.G.).

N.W. London M.O. Coventry Cup : L. G. Johnson Frazer-Nasti-B.M.W.).

Torbay & Totnes Bibbings Cup ; G. H. Law (Austin Seven).

West Hants & Dorset C.C. Hartwell Cup : S. Curry (M.G.).

M.C.C. “Land’s End” Team Award : MacdermidEastock-Langley (T-M.G .$).

City & Guilds M.C. Kent Trial ; best performance :. V. II. ‘fuson (Fiat Bantle).

Bristol MX. & LOX. King Cup : R. A. Macderrnid. (M.G.).

Brighton & Hove M.O. Spring Cup: A. G. Imhof (M.G.).

Margate & D. M.C. Clifford Cup : L. G. Johnson. (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.).

Highland Two-Day Trial ; best performance, big cars : S. H. Allard (Allard Special).

Highland Two-Dgy Trial ; best performance, small cars ; Archer (Riley).

Berkhamsted & D. C.C. Winwood Cup : W. J. Green (M.G.).

Southsea M.O. President’s Trophy : S. H. Allard. (AllardSpecial).

M.G.C.C. N.W. Centre Follow-the-Leader Run ; best perfonnance : J. Twyford (M.G.).

M.G.C.C. M.G. Challenge Trophy : J. A. Bastock (M.G.).

Liverpool M.C. Jeans Gold Cup : A. B. Langley (M.G.).

C. U. A. C. Barton Challenge Trophy : A. C. Fairtlough (A.(.).

Great West M.O. Spring Cup : S. H. Allard (Allard Special).

Edinburgh & D. MX. Challenge Trophy ; big cars : R. K. N. Clarkson (Ford V8).

Edinburgh & D. MX. Challenge Trophy ; small cars: J. G. R. Watson (Hornet Special).

Mid-Surrey A.C. Sopwith Cup: G. H. Robins(11.11.G. ).

City & Guilds MX. Special Tankard : J. T. G. Milne (Singer).

Kirkcaldy & D. M.C. Cheershill Trophy : A. Dunn (Riley). MC. S.W. Centre Trial ; best performance :

T. L. Seceoinbe (H.R.G.).

Swabs° Inter-Team Trial ; winning team : J. F. A. Clough, C. E. Stothert and H. 13olton (Riley-FiatS.Sof Lancashire A.C.

M.C.C.. ” Edinburg.h ” Team Prize : MaedermidBastock-Langley (M.G.) team.

Wye Valley A.C. County Cup : J. E. Orgee (M.G.). S. Liverpool M.C. 1937 Committee Cup : P. H. Smith (M.G.).

Scottish S.C.C. Team Trial : Clarkson-ClarksonWatson (Ford Vs) team.

Plymouth M.C. Challenge Trophy : P. Slade (Singer) N.W. London Lawrence Cup : C. A. N. May (M.G.). M.G.C.C. N.W. Centre ” All-In ” Sporting Trial ; best performance : .1. B. Terms (M.G.). M.G.C.C. Bolam Cup : J. Cossar Lindsay (M.G.).. C. S. M. A. Dunlop Cup : R. V. Harris (Rtles’). Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Scampton Cup : R. A. Mac

derrilid (M.G.). Maidstone & Mid-Kent Gibbs Trophy : E. G. Mobbs. (M.G.),

Plymouth M.C. Allen Trophy: P. Slade (Morris.

Brighton & Hove M.C. Trophy : A. B. Langley (M.G.).

Maitland Cup : P. S. Flower (M.G.).

Lancashire & Cheshire MX. Quick Trophy : C. E. Stothert (Fiat).

J.C.C. Brooklands Members’ Day Ian Macdonald Award : H. J. Aidington (Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.).

Hagley & D. PLC. 12-Hour Night Trial ; best performance ; R. Kendrick (M.G.).

W.A.S.A. Association Trophy : N. Terry (FrazerNash-B.M.W.).

Mid-Surrey A.C. Gliksten Trophy : C. A. N. May (M.G.).

Singer M.C.C. Singer Trophy : D. E. Harris (Singer). Kirkcaldy & D. M.C. Nairn’s Trophy : W. K. Elliot (M.G.).

M.G.C.C. Cookshoot Trophy : IC. A. Scales (M.G.). M.G.C.C. Scottish Centre Grant Trophy : W. K. Elliot (M.G.).

Harrow C.C. Chiltern Summer Trial ; Premier Award : I). B. Harris (Singer).

Rugby M.C. Woodcock Trophy : D. G. Goligher tM..

TauG.)nton M.C. Rally ; best sports-car : S. Whitefield (M.G.).

West Hants & Dorset C.C. Knott Trophy : D. P. Kirkman (Alvis). J.C.C. Yorkshire _Trial ; best performance : J. F. A. Clough (Riley).

M.C.C. 1937 Car Team Championship : ToulrninCrawford-Jones (T-M.0.) team.

Newcastle & D. M.C. “Evening Chronicle” Cap: J. E. Playfair (Frazer-Nash-15.M.W.).

Mid-Surrey A.C. Experts’ Trial : A. G. Imhof and .T. M. Toulmin (‘l-M.G.).

Vesey Cup : W. J. Green (M.G.). Cemian M.O. President’s Cup : F. Beare (AstonMartin).

Scottish S.C.C. Chairman’s Cup : J. H. Blyth (Austin Seven).

Bugatti Owners’ Club Giles’s Cup : A. F. Walsharn (Bugatti).

Inter-‘Varsity Trial : Watson-MayFainlough (Alfa-lionteo-Alvis-A.C.) team for Cambridge ” Veterans.”

Bristol MX. & L.C.C. Fedder Trophy : C. D, Buckley (Austin Seven). BugattiClair George Harris Challenge Trophy : o . iles Buga tti )

Great West M.C. Thatcher Trophy : K. N. Hutchison (Ford VS Special).

They should be smiling at Abingdon ! * * * The suggestion that London territorial Clubs should merge to form a Greater London Motor Club, put forward by Paul Hardy of the Great West M.C., deserves serious consideration by all trials Competi tors. The idea would be to combine existing London clubs, particularly those that are in the habit of using Surrey, Kent and Sussex as their happy huntinggrounds, so that fewer and better trials could be held, and the expense of sending out entry forms to a lot of bodies having an overlapping membership would be obviated, though the individuality Of existing clubs would be retained and interclub rivalry not unduly curtailed. This, my masters, is a very big topic. I prefer to say little here. The discussion at the Motor Sports Club, prior to the meeting of club secretaries at the R.A.C. on December 2nd, is reported elsewhere. We do not want trials to fall foul of irate residents and the police and in many ways the fewer the better in populous districts. Against that, lots of sports-car owners enjoy competing week-end after weekend throughout the winter and a good deal of the period we call our summer as well, often doing a couple of trials each week-end. One very famous trials driver recently said during a private discussion after a Committee meeting that he would sadly miss any curtailment in the number of trials, albeit he felt that recognised classic events like team-trials and the Experts should be given greater Status. His friend, equally successful and almost as regular a ” dicer,” welcomed the idea of combined trials by a central club as he felt this desired raising of Status might then be easily attained. And both speakers appreciated the advantages in respect of outsiders’ aspects. Let us

leave it for a while . . .

Naturally, the Southsea Speed Trials had to be seen, as the last speed meeting of an intense season, and that necessitated leaving London early in torrential rain and half a gale in a Riley Gamecock two-seater, possessed, most inadequately, of a hood which was no longer erectable. By the time we reached the course, we were very wet indeed, and how many times we got soaked and dry again in the gale during the afternoon was beyond count. Momentary warmth and shelter having been found at the Road House in the town, we once more braved the elements on the run home, which in many ways was highly unpleasant, but, nevertheless, had a certain undeniable fascination of a rather grim kind. But the day was rendered memorable by the discovery of two very interesting vintage light cars, one pre-war, in a certain breaker’s yard, which did a good deal to restore enthusiasm and cheer the writer up. There followed a couple of absorbing days on duties connected with mapping a trials course, when a four-speed Austin Seven took us amongst some beautiful Hampshire scenery, first in the worst weather conditions possible and on the next day in cold sunshine. Being teetotal NV2 were in no way shaken when we parked alongside an exactly similar Austin in Petevfield Market Square, to partake of tea in a cheery tea-shop in that town, and on the return run we again inspected the veterans aforementioned and, finding on yet another run to Petersfield, this time in an Opel Cadet, that their condition did not justify the price asked, we can disclose that they comprise a

1914 Morris-Oxford T-head two-seater and an air-cooled A.B.C.—the latter that delightful vintage flat-twin light car in which you pour petrol in through the filler on the dummy radiator cap . . . ! In Petersfield, too, we met, at a garage, a Mr. Wright, who recalls S. Harting as it was in 1907, when Sam Wright and a white steamer were star performers. Subsequently the Austin took us out to Knatt’s Valley and afterwards provided a quite exhilarating run back to a party, over congested arterial roads in the failing light of a wintery Sunday afternoon. The next day, perhaps a trifle jaded, we welcomed the luxury of a 2A-litre Opel cabriolet, in which we exploited Brooklands all alone in torrential rain and mist, and thereafter took ourselves to the Croydon Aerodrome to see how aeroplanes fare in these very distinctly Q.B.I. conditions. The Opel retaliated by losing its self-starter plunger and its ability to tick over, down a narrow dead-end lane near Kenley, so that those passers-by not intimidated by the profanity from within enquired if we had forgotten our L plates . . . Good spirits were restored by the run down to Brighton on Capt. Wylie’s 1896 Hurtu, nobly assisted by the Austin Seven ” Abdul-the-Damned,” which, although its owner calculates its speed in amps.” and not m.p.h., thereafter

seemed suicidally fast to inc. And so philosophical does the veteran motoring make one that I hardly regretted the return by train on the Monday.

The Austin then took us, very early, down into Kent for the Kentish Border Sporting Trial ; a glorious day in clear winter air and sunshine, amid scenery that my passenger declared equal almost to that of Devonshire. Definitely this Sunday emphasised the joy of a trial, whether as helper or competitor, which commences with the arrival at the start of queerly garbed, wildly enthusiastic folk in all manner of interesting motors, and continues with the discovery of the hills’ varying aspects, a hasty lunch stop and, if you’re marshalling, in wild dashes from hill to hill with no time for more than a hastily disposed-of sandwich and much impromptu map-reading. Finally, there is the cheery gathering at the finish, tea in some warm road-house or hotel, ere you commence the trek home in darkness, wind whistling round the hood and patches of mist floating through the headlamp beams. Yes ! Trials pass the winter very nicely, and, whateN er is argued about their overfrequency or their influence on design, I wish them well. Yes Sir I