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RATES (prepaid) 1/8 per line 6 Words per line Minimum charge 5/; with Box No, 6/6 No insertion will be made unless prepaid ; Copy received after the rith will be held over and included in the next issue unless cancelled in writing by the Advertiser NOTICE Will Box No. 704 please send name and address to MOTOR SPORT for delivery of

letters. FOR SALE

BUCKLERS.-Leaf springs (specials) made to sketch or repaired. Wheels repaired-wire or pressed steel. Cylinder heads, blocks, sumps, gearcases, etc., welded and machined. Cast-iron and aluminium. Worn race housings, shafts, etc., built up and machined. Prop.-shafts shortened or lengthened. Connectingrods remetrdled and machined, and returned same day. Crankshafts reground, main bearings remetalled and lined bored. Cylinders fine bored with new pistons. 5,000 pistons and liners in stock. Hepolite, Specialloid and Wellworthy. Bronze bushes, valves, etc. singles or quantities. Front axle beams straightened and re-aligned. Flywheel starter ring teeth built up and reshaped. Dynamos, starters and magnetos repaired or reconditioned. Ford small-ends of all types rebushed and reamered. Exchange reconditioned engines for :-Ford Eight, Ten, A.B. and V8 SO; Morris Eight and Ten ; Austin Ten,” 12/4,” ” 12/6,” ” 16/6 ” ; Vauxhall ” 12/6,” Fourteen, Hillman Ten, all types. A complete service for the Motor Trade by Enthusiasts. 67, Caversham Road, Reading. ‘Phone : Reading 3227 and 4903.

JOHN BLAND offers a reliable and reasonably-priced service to Vintage and Edwardian enthusiasts. King-pins, shackle bolts, valves and guides, piston rings, bushes and bearings of every description, to pattern or drawing. 27, Southfields Road, S.W.18. Tel. : Putney 1612. M.G. MAGNETTE, 1935, N-type. Specially reconditioned and adapted for speed trials, fast touring, etc. Weight 121 cwt. approx., with light 2-seater body. Racing valves, etc.; polished ports. All parts of chassis thoroughly overhauled and renewed as necessary within last twelve mouths. All tyres excellent. Was second in 1,500-c.c. class in last event. Price £345, or would accept in part exchange against 1946 Midget, preferably supercharged. Hewitt, Greengates House, Greengates, Bradford.

FOR SALE-continued PIPPBROOK GARAGES LTD., London Road, Dorking.-Distributors of Delahaye cars for Surrey, Kent, Sussex. A good selection of spares available.

V. W. DERRINGTON LTD. an all sports spares equipment, chromium plated tubular luggage grids from 48. Brooklands aero-screens with universal fittings, quickly detachable 48s. Bouora quickacting filler caps, chromium plated, 21 in., 21s. Two 4 in., 70s,, with locks 5s. extra. Chromium door drills 10s. 6d. ” Deep-Note ” exhaust systems from £3. Bucket seats, untrimmed 32s. 6d. each, trimmed 65s., folding back 75s. Cycle wings, ribbed 6 in. 15s., 8 in. 18s. 6d. Sheet aluminium 6 ft. by 3 ft., 22 gauge 25s., 18 gauge 40s., duralurain 20s, and 29s., Huge stocks Scintillas, B.T.H., Vertex, 4-cyl., new, /10. Superchargers, both instrument and sets, speeclometees, rev.-counters, clocks etc. Brand new engines, B.M.W.

1942, complete with Bosch Vertical magnetos, dynamo, starter, manifolds, carburetters ; late type Morris 10, complete, £125 each. Largest stockist of F.I.A.T. spares, 500 and 1,100, reconditioned engine, starters, dynamos, radiators. Derrington, 159 and 200, London Road, Kingston, 5a21/2.

COMPETITION CARS LTD.-Lignt-alloy Rood frames for sports cars, detachable and folding, from £3 108. Improved type acro racing screens, highly polished aluminium frames with mounting fittings, £2 2s. each. Crate deposit of f, I (returnable) with order. ” 13rooklands ” spring steering-wheels, plastic rims, from 85s., post is. 6d. Large capacity expansion chambers, Brooklauds ” type, 35s. Light-alloy racing cycle-type wings, 22s. 6d. each, post 4s. per set. Steel, ribbed, 6-in., 15s. each, post 4s. per set. Helmet-section, with side valance, for attachment to brake drums, 25s. each. Racing bucket seats in light alloy, fitted with Latex Dunlopillo seats and detachable Sorbo backs, £10 per pair ; carriage 5s. ” Camlock ” quick-release racing filler caps ; prices on application. Competition Cars Ltd., “The Old Maltings,” Nayland, near Colchester, Essex. Tel. : Nayland 334.

” VC/ ” 8,304. Ex-works 1,100-c.c. Riley : 2nd general classification, and won its class” Le Mans” 1932, driven by Peacock and Von der Becke. Electron brakes, geirbox housing, S.I I front axle, modified braking, many mods to engine, 9 to I/CR. Car was unused after 1938, and was rebuilt during war regardless of expense, was 2nd at Gransden. Weight 14 cwt. with fuel and oil, 94 m.p.h. on Pool. Car for sale in chassis form, complete with wings, lamps, instruments (all fitted). Offers, or will exchange sports saloon or drophead. D. A. Armstrong, Chalet Cottage, Farraam Royal, Bucks. FOR SALE-continued 938-C.O. FORD ENGINE specially prepared for sprints, linered block, raised compression, coppered polished head and ports, lightened fly-wheel, spare crank, valves and guides. Not run since completion. £40. Also Ford 8-11.p. engine and gearbox in good condition. Complete with dynamo, starter, distributor, coil, etc. £40. Also 1938 Ford 8-h.p. body parts. 32, Chatsworth Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire. •

1118PANO-SUIZA. Open. First registered 1930. Car for real enthusiast. Exchange for nice Prop. 4-berth Caravan. 1, Cromwell Road, N.10. Tel. Tudor 2991.

BENTLEY Open 4-seater Vanden Pins; 3-litre T.T. chassis, 4i-litre engine, gearbox, axles, brakea and steering. Two brand new Dunlops ; hearings, clutch, brakes, body overhauled, bills shown. Good hood, tonneau and envelope. Seen Manchester. Bargain £300. Ring Manchester East 0229. LEA-FRANUS ” 12/40 ” 2-seater tourer. Mechanically sound. Body good. Two new tyres. Petrol. Bargain £90, or exchange Austin Seven Saloon. Coleman, 174, Droyisden Road, Audenshaw, Manchester.

DELLOW 933-0.0, SUPERCHARGED. This wellknown competition car is offered for sale with full equipment. Apply H. Earl Heighway, Worcester Road, West Melo)”, Worcestershire.

1923 ANZANI-AC COUPE. 12-11.p. New 19 by 4.50 Goodyears. Original condition. £70 or offers. Five new 400 by 19 Indias. Offers. New 4 cyl. Lucas vertical magneto clock. £5 10s. Pair large C.A.V. headlamps, perfect. /5. Pair TalbotRotax beadle-naps, need one new rim. £3. HirisFrance 12 v. horn. /1. Ex R.N. sirens, manual, terrific note, as new. £5. S.A.E. please. 14, Wellington St., Millom, Cumberland.

EXCHANGE. 1033 Standard Little Saloon 4-door. Good throughout. Resprayed. Required open 2-seater Austin Seven or ” M” M.G. or similar. Write Woodvill Cottage, Leatherhead.

PHOTOGRAPHS of pre-1915 racing cars, action or stills. Details to Advertiser, 8, Berkeley Gardens, NV .

DERBY SPORTS 2-SEATER RUBY ENGINE. Twin carbs. 35 m.p.g. aero screens, with spares. £75. 90, Gladstone Avenue, Whitton.

FOR SALE 11300 OR EXCHANGE. Morris Twelve, Series 11. 1037 model. Recent £200 overhaul, receipt shown. Excellent appearance and performance. Exchange for sports car M.G. preferred. Two or four seater. 10, Boundary Road, Wallington, Surrey. Tel. : Wallington 7701. FOR SALE-continued 3.2 MIDGET 1933 mechanically perfect, special (lash including extra instrument, 6 new tyres, complete with equipment and tonneau. Enthusiast’s car. £210. Edwards, 42 Barn Rise, Wembley Park, Middx. Arnold 4836.

1927 AUSTIN “CHUMMY.” Extraordinarily good condition. £55 with spare engine. 3-bearing engine (20. Gough, Manor Farm, Dutidry, Bristol.

F.I.A.T. 500 D.H. COUPE. Reconditioned engine (bills available). New hood, windscreen. Excellent tyres, batteries. Offers around £225, or exchange decent 1932/3 Riley Nine and cash. Earnee, Plas Acton. Wrexham.

RILEY SPARES 1932. Timing wheels £2. Gearbox £3. Starter £2. Crankshaft £2. Connecting rods 85., etc. Sealey. 34, Ravenscraig Road, N.11.

SUNBEAM SPEED TWENTY D.H. COUPE (November, 1029). One owner, 46,000 miles only. Mechanically perfect, fast and reliable. £125. Rymer, Post Office Lightwater, Surrey.

BENTLEY 3-LITRE “RED LABEL “1925. Original unmodified coupe body. Good condition throughout. ’22-25 m.p.g. Offers to J. i,. Lester, ” Feralburst,” Frani. near Tunbridee Wells, Kent.

M.G. ” P.A.” BLOWS.. £14. .Navy blue leather bucket seat £3. ” M” gearbox (2. Set” 32″ front wing brackets (1. 27. Finlay Road, Gloucester. ALVI8 9 BY 43 DIFF. UNIT. Complete 46. 1931 Hornet head and block, (5. Riley Nine head with valves, £3 10$. S.V. Minor engine leas bead and sump, £5. Gearbox for same, ius, &dames f .w.b. front axle and wheels, (2 I Os. Ali plus carriage. Also engine parts for ” 12!50″ Ale’s. Lea-Francis, Rhode and s.v. Riley. Wanted cheap 98-c.c. Excelsior or similar. G. Bagguiey, 49, Weston Road, Aston-on-Trent, Derby.

SUPERURAILUER. Roots type off Bu situ o.3. In perfect condition. (30. Box No. 448 MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

BEARCAT STIP= straight eight engine and gearbox. New ENV back-axle as litted to latest 14-h.p. Alvis. 1927 Chrysler ” 70 ” Coupe less engine and gearbox, fitted 6.500 by 18 tyres, 3 good, 2 worn. No reasonable offer refuFed for any of the above. Wood, 3, Farin Lane. Purley, Sur.

STYLatt FLX1fit1 JACKET. Lanlbswdol lined, large collar (not ex-R.A.F.). £6. Mk VIII goggles, 10s. A.C.U. approved crash helmet (7), 25$. Two smooth sound covers, 500 by 19, 5$. each. New 325 by 19 tube, 8s. 6d. German face-screen, unused, 5s. Superior ice-skates and hoots (01), (3. 41, Montrose Avenue, Sideup, Kent. (Tel. : Holborn 1509, 9.30-5.0.) DELAUE D.1.6.S. NEW UTILITY BODY (W008)• Excellent order ; six good tyres. Taxed. Red petrol. £250. Carson, 93, Pack Lane, Basingstoke.

6.25 BY 21 NEW TYRES. £6 each. Unused retreads, 1,3 15s.; also 5.25 by 20, new, (5 10s ; unused retread, £3 5$. 03, Pack Lane, Basingstoke. LAGONDA RAPIER 10-11.1). twin 0.11. cam, 1935. Sports 4-seater. Gearbox overhauled. Exc. body with new hood and screens. British racing green. Very good tyres and fine condition throughout. £225. J. W. Oliver, 220, Staustead Road, Forest

S.E.23. Tel. : FOR 5502. B.M.W. TYPE 56 3-CARB. D.H. COUPE. New hood, good tyres, excellent mechanically. (495. 1947 MG.” TC “Midget, low mileage. condition excellent, various extras. 075. Smith. Knowle House, Bishops Walk, Addington Park, Surrey. TYRES I TUBES! Most sizes in stock nem 3.25 to 7.50 in., 15 in., 16 in., 17 in., 18 in., 19 in.. 20 in., 21 in., also beaded edge and obsolete sizes. Hamiltons (M.S.), 22-24, Vicarage Street, Yeovil. Somerset. Tel. : 927. Established 1928.

LOOK! Sound clean cars for sale. iwo 1937 Austin Seven De Luxe Saloons ; 1936 Nippy Sports 2-seater ; 1935 Citroen ‘twelve Saloon ; new Austin Seven 3-bearing crankshaft ; motor boat, 20 ft., marine engine. Delivered anywhere. Ilamiltons, 22-24, Vicarage Street, Yeovil, Somerset. Tel. 927. EX-R.A.F. CABIN BLOWER. Suitable supercharging. R.R. Merlin Magnetos, 2-litre Bugatti radiator. Offers. Four 17-in, by 4.50-in. Michelin ” Stop ” tyres and Danlop tubes as brand new. £12 10s. Box No. 749, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

A.LVIS ” 12/50 ” 1931 T. J. series cnassis ; nisei ” 12/00 Sports saloon body, first registered June, 1933. Engine, brakes and steering overhauled last year, splendid tyres and chassis, smart appearance. Interior dirty. Converted downdraught 8.U. csrb. Must sell. (150 or nearest. Tel. : Tipton 1497. Box No. 750, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. EXCEPTIONALLY FINE LANCHBSTER

STRAIGHT EIGHT. Vintage chassis (May, 1929). Completely rebuilt in 1937 at cost of nearly £650, and fitted all new, all aluminium, ultra modern sportsman’s saloon coachwork by Ranslah. Five excellent 18 in. by 7.00 in. Dunlops, new battery, Radiator block, etc. Taxed. Looks a £3,000 motor car. Accept £475 or any reasonable offer. Tel. : Tipton 1497. Box No. 717, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. FOR SALE-continued

BARGAIN FOR ENTHUSIAST 44-LITRE BENTLEY. First £200 secures. Tel. : Eh-abridge 1121.

DELAGE DJ, 1925 DICUMEAD COUPE. Good condition, tyres fair. Price £75. Tolson, Beechwood Lodge, Bartley. Southemnton.

b UNIMAK COW% 1927. Absolutely genuine oiler; 31,000 miles since new. New tyres, mechanically perfect, and in daily use. Any trial. £150. Upper Wick Farm, near Dursley, Glos.

BRITON I0-11.P. TWO-SEATER. About 1006. suitable for restoring. £30. Also 1922 Barr and Stroud Sleeve valve 350-c.c. motor-cycle, running, £15. Smith, The Tythe Cottage, Bakers Lane. Heronfield, near, Knowle, Birmingham.

HEALEY DUNCAN SALOON. First registered April, 1948 ; 5,000 miles., colour metallic green, all latest modifications, indistinguishable from new. 42,600. Sykes & Robinson, Ltd., Queen’s Road, Leeds, 6. Tel.: Leeds 54135/6. FOR SALE.–Four jacks. His.; new Autovac, 10s. : set Bugatti brake cables, £1; Bugatti clutch, £2; Skirrow steering box, Cl ; new Rototherm air

temperature. 10s. air pressure indicator, 5$. ; nickel plating set, new. £1: Bugatti oil filter, complete, 305. treadle grinder and wire mop, 12 5s. ; woodwork Marples plane, 15s.; four standard chromium hub plates, 15s.; small vice, 15s.; aero screen, £1; 150 m.p.h. speedometer, (4; air pressure cylinder, £1 ; electric grinder, £1 ; Zenith triple diff. carburetter, 14 in., 30s.; three 19 in. wire Bugatti wheels, (0. Barry Eaglesfield, 22, Queensdale Road, Holland Park, London, W.11, Tel. ; Park 4306. FOR SALE-continued

BENTLEY 61-LITRE CHASSIS. Mechanically sound, guaranteed 74 .1S2 miles only. Zeiss headlamps, six wheels and tyres. Exchange for 3-litreengine or sell. Offers. Box No. 718, AloTOrt SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

A REALLY SUPERB JAGUAR, 1939 24-LITRE DROPHEAD COUPE is offered for sale by enthuiast who just cannot find room for it. The car has been off the road since February this year and has been extensively overhauled with no expense spared. Resprayed black, replated, new black hood, new carpets, new head-lining, wheels rebuilt and finished silver, new radiator block, engine and transmission completely overhauled, new bearings, etc., live excellent tyres, Pram, P100s and twin PTV’s (all 60 watt bulbs), twin horns, Parsons chains, full set tools, etc. Can be seen London. First (850 secures. Tel. : Guildford 3278 (days), Welbeck 6750 nights and week-ends.

ROVER FOURTEEN, 1934. Excellent condition, quick sale, best offer. SCCI1 S.E. London. Box No. 719, MOTOR Sealer, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

ONE SET OF NEW at’EUIALIAMD PISTONS +.030 o/s for 31-litre Lagonda. Ref. 1,178. J. Foster, North Cave, East Yorks.

Rhaii raNg taijkssls complete, needs assembling ; four-carburetter unit. Short torque tube ; two axle ratios (one new), set H.C. pistons +.030 new_ £45, or sesarate. Sunlay mornings, or write 105, Eaton Terrace Mews, S.W.1. IdtietT METAL PRODUCTS CO., uroomIleet, East Yorks. Sheet metal fittings in steel or light alloy made to your special requirements. Excellent workmanship guaranteed,

LATE TYPE WOLSELEY ” HORNET ” SPECIAL ENGINE. 190 miles only since complete recondition_ (35. Numerous other Wolseley spares. V. W. Davies & Son, Ltd., Shipston-on-Stour.

RILEY NINE SPECIAL, SHORTENED CHASSIS, ready for rebuilding. Pour new tyres, many spares, body half built. Must sell for space. 495. 11, Park Row, Greenwich. Tel. : Greenwich 0428.

1933 M.G. “32.” Good condition, two new tyres, nearest (160. Owner going abroad. Godfrey, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset.

LAtiONDA. RAPIER DM/Pt:LEAD COUPE 4-seater. Completely reconditioned. Petrol. Details from, Box No. 720, MOTOR Setter. 15., City Road, E.C.1RILEY NINE, ” ULSTER IMP.” Es T. C. Harrison, raced by him successfuly at Brooklands, Doningtou and Ulster. In 100 per cent. perfect order, completely rebuilt last winter and little used since. Complete with 4-gall. sprint tank and 64 to 1 axle and 20-gall. pressurised tank with 54 to 1 roadracing axle. Two sets of wings for road use or racing. Sparc magneto, hood, spare wheel. Compression ratio lowered by compression plate from 15 to 1 to $ to 1. Capable of 100 m.p.h.. in stripped condition. This car was originally in the Riley racing team. Colour cream. Photograph available on request. Bryce Motors, Birmingham Road,. Stratford-on-Avon. Tel. : S-on-A 2700.

525 by 21 TWO DUNLOP ” 90 ” retread-ed by Dunlops, unused, cost (15. Would accept £10 or nearest offer. Brooks, rpper Basildon, Berks.

SUMNER-LA.P. SPRINT CAR, fitted special 998-c.c. supercharged J.A.P. twin engine, Lancia i.f.s., Bugatti gearbox and rear axle, twin rear wheels, single-seater body. Winner numerous awards in pre-war speed trials ; only us’s-it twice since war. Offers to R. Sumner, Court Green, Hook Heath Road, Woking. Surrey.

LAGONDA 3-LITRE 1929 DROPHEAD. SALOON. In good condition throughout, except brakes need attention. Petrol. Seen London area. Offers ? Box No. 721, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1..

SOLEX CARBURETTER TYPE 80 F.H., less jets,. 30s. Good condition. Also two other older types„ the lot 1,;’2. Johnson, 19, Tweskard Park, Belfast. RILEY.-Exceptional opportunity ! Business compels reluetant owner to offer an outstanding 9-h.p_ special series” Lynx” open-tourer ; over £200 lust spent on complete reconditioning ; fullest details on request. Genuine private car. Letters only. Bristol area. Saloon and cash wanted in exchange,. or sell outright. Studley, Shipham, near Winscombe, Somerset.

REASONABLE OETEE or interesting exchange sought, 1933 Riley Nine” Monaco” saloon. Quite good condition ; new batteries, crown -wheel and pinion ; two 8.11.s, magneto ignition, double Hartfords. Taxed and insured. Coulter, 213, Rings Road, Reading. Tel.: 62485.

MAGNETTE PETROL TANA and Mier pipe, s4 ; four aluminium cycle-type wings, 6 in., brand new, (4; pair Lucas 9-in. headlamps, rechromed, perfect, (5. Write Box No. 724, MOToR SPORT, 15, City Road, £5-NEW 18-IN. STEERING WHEEL, 35 -nun downdraught Zenith, oil and temperature gauges, pull-out hand-brake. 105, Staines Road West, Sunbury. Middlesex.

1925 CLYNO 10.8-H.P. TOURER; mileage under 30,000 • licensed summers only. Really sound, but needs paint ; tyres fair ; 50 plus m.p.h. 86 m.p.g., 1,500 m.p.g. oil. Offers over £30. Charlton, High Cross, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs.


one pair double Hartfords ; the four. b. West Hill, Putney, London, S.W. Tel. : Putney 3485. 1934 16.9-S.P. S.F. “Silver Eagle” ALVIS. Open 2/4-seater body, half complete. Engine spotless ; new rings advised soon. Full details extensive overhaul. Spares include new set valves, double ,springs, guides, finned oil-cooler, etc., etc. Sound ; absolutely genuine. Usual talc: no funds, no time. Grim. Also 1936 500-c.c. A. J. Stevens motor-cycle, positive foot-change ; new tyres. Wants rebore and final assembly (gearbox and crank-case assembled and in frame). £175 the lot to clear, or exchange for 8/10-h .p. car in good order, preferably

pen; or recent motor-cycle if perfect ; or high .35-ram. camera and accessories. Replies early please. (Above at Helensburgh, Scotland.) Clissold, 430, Banbury Road, Oxford. BENTLEY 1928 “4l” with 1930 works modifica tions. Aluminium 2-seater body, cycle wings ; five ‘excellent tyres. Running order but requires detail work to complete. k350 or offer. ” The Beeches,” Felcourt, East Grinstead. Tel. : Dormans Park 200. 1935 RILEY ” IMP ” sports 2-seater, colour black-. Engine completely overhauled, including shaft regrind ; h.c. pistons, two new Zenith carburetters, new timing wheels, valves, guides. Reconditioned starter and dynamo ; new stub-axle pins, bushes and shackles. Re-upholstered in red leather. Cellulose paint-work immaculate. Special coachbuilt enclosed spare-wheel tail ; full all-weather equipment and tonneau coves. In genuine 100 per cent. condition. Petrol coupons unused. Offers over £425. C. Corbishley, Jordangate, Macclesfield. 1947 CARRUTHERS SPECIAL, straight-eight Hudson engine, open 2-seater ; £10 tax. Really good mechanically, any examination or trial. First £250 secures. All spares for Alvis ” Speed 20 ” and ” 25.” 1930 Hillman ” 12.9,” 1930 Humber ” 8.9″ and ex-W.D. ” 4 by 4″ Humber ” recce” car. Also complete ” 4 by 4″ Humber ” recce” car chassis (4,000 miles), £125. Scintilla Vertex, 4-cyl., fits

• Ford, £5. S.A.E. to Carruthers, Eastfield, Eastfielcl Road, Dumfries. FOR SAL11–contineed ” BUGANTICS,” Vol. 8, No. 2; Vol. 9, Nos, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Vol. 10 complete ; Vol. 11, Nos. 1, 2, 3,

4, 5. ” Vintage Car” (Australian), Vol. 1, Nos. 11, 12; Vol. 2 complete (6 copies) ; Vol. 3, Nos. 1, 2. “Sports Car” (American), 1947 complete (6 copies). MOTOR SPORT, 1943, Nos. 9, 10, 11, 12; 1944-48 complete. Also two fine ” 3.3″ Bugatti catalogues. All as new. Offers to Mr. R. Miles, 24, Hennings Park Road, Oakdale, Poole, Dorset (s.a.e. please).

1947 (AUGUST) ” TO ” M.G. 2-seater ; black, silver wheels ; fawn upholstery. Two new tyres ; Notek, grid, radiator muff ; 9,700 careful miles ; full ration (600 miles). Regularly serviced. First-class engine, cellulose, battery, hood, screens. If you want a really sound Midget” as good as new” here it is ! Owner’s new motor arriving, or the” Midge” wouldn’t be offered at the very fair figure of £750. See and try it—only be quick ! It’s a bargain. Batten, 32, Grange Road, Eastbourne. Tel. : 5096.

” INTERNATIONAL ” ASTON-MARTIN ENGINE, not run since resleeve, new guides, copperised head, h.c. pistons ; £20. Harrison, 9, Sheklon Avenue, Vicars Cross, Chester.

EXCHANGE for 4-seater open sports Morgan. Magnette or similar, 1939 Singer Twelve sunshine 4-door saloon. Excellent condition. 020. Stephens, 26, Clifton Terrace. Tel. : Briubtrm 4868.

1939 TRIUMPH ” DOLOMITE ” coupe, perfect ; radio. £650 or nearest. Banks, 1, Cheyne Place, Chelsea.

RILEY RADIATOR, approx. 1 1-litre, offers. Also s.v. ” Mira” engine, £7 10s. Mepham, Felden Ridge, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

RILEY NINE ENGINE, less starter, mag., manifolds : dismantled ; good condition ; £15. 18-in. R.W. wheel (52 hub), 35s. 18-in, rim and spokes, 15s. Whiteley, Binfield, Pine Grove, Weybridgc. Tel. : 3384.

1929 2-LITRE LAGONDA CHASSIS, perfect condition, 1933 ” 16/80 ” saloon body partly fitted. Any trial. Complete or break for spares. Also 1033 ” Invicta ” 11-litre saloon. 29, Evelyn Crescent, Southampton. TeL : 71186.

Paddington 0385.

Richmond 0469.

FOR SALE—continwed

TRACTA F.W.D., 1,100 C.C., Sad engine, under..lung chassis. Suitable rebuilding. Interesting car. or near offer. Reading, ” Graystead,” Bovingdon, Herts. KG. ” 18/80 ” ELK. I ENGINE, gearbox. Linered, crank ground, all bearings replaced, accessories overhauled ; not used since. With incomplete engine for spares. Details on request. Offers around £45. Luckhurst, 53, Hilden Park Road, Tonbridge. “SPEED,” 43 issues Sept. 1935-April 1989; three “

Speed” binding cases. Offers. S.A.E., Brown, 30, Limbourne Avenue, Dagenham.

VERY SPECIAL AUSTIN SEVEN chassis. Dropped frame ; Centric blower ; super engine. Has cost £110 so far. For sale, reasonable price. S.A.E., 16, Leslie Avenue, Whitefield, Manchester. MASERATI SIX-CYLINDER 1,498-O.O. single-seater, ex-Ascari. 10() per cent. condition and ready for racing. Numerous spares and wheels. Prepared and maintained by Monaco Ltd. Alfa-Romeo 2.3-litre eight-cylinder 100-m.p.h. car. One of the finest sports cars in the country. £1,000 spent on engine and chassis overhaul in the past 12 months. New 2-seater body, finished in metallic-grey. Mercedes” 38/250″ drophead ; black, with red upholstery ; six new Dunlop tyres. Car stored for 10 years. W. E. Morley, 47-49, Lancaster Mews, Craven Terrace,

MORRIS MINOR 1932 2-seater tourer, s,v. engine ; new hood, good tyres, excellent mechanical order. £95, or exchange for good motor-cycle, B.M.W. or Scott preferred. Michael, 11, Widford Grove, Chelmsford.

” 12/50 ” ALVIS 2-door sports saloon, 1927, 4120. Box No. 722, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

HAYES TRANSMISSION, 001bsift., also gearbox, 2i-litre SS. Both in running order ; £15 each. Monro, 32, Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts.

AIKENS 500-C.C. MS., Triumph “Grand Prix” engine, Norton gearbox. Has been constructed and prepared regardless of cost. Raced successfully 1947/48 seasons. With trailer if required. Reason for sale, another car under construction. Best offer over f,400. WIC. Aikens, R.A.F., Swinderby, Lincs.

FOR SALE—continued

” MERCEDES–PIONEER OF AN INDUSTRY.” Dlinami, U.S.A., 1948, new, 105. Collection of car lapel badges, 100 45, separately 2s. each. M.G. riuliator stoneguard, chrome, 25s. Box No. 725, MOTOR Sour, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

LAGONDA 8-LITRE sports saloon, black and chromium, in beautiful order throughout. Registered June, 1932. A handsome virile man’s car with no pseudo modifications. Very fast and delightful to drive. Owner would consider exchange for small car.suitable for young girl, or sell for £27:5 Peter Weaver, 33, High Street, Melton Mowbray Tel. : 214.

SUNBEAM “14/40” open 4-seater sports. £120 Spent on modifications and engine ; recellulosed in ivory ; brand new tyres ; new all-weather equipment; re-upholstered. £225. Jack Leeson & Partners, 96, Brook Street, Stourbridge, ‘Worcs.

?LG. ” DIONTLHERY “MIDGET, perfect condition. Many extras ; taxed ready to drive away. £165. Jack Leeson & Partners, 96, Brook Street, Stourbridge, Worcs.

BUGATTL—Pair bronze Solex carburetters with manifolds, ex-Type 37, as new, £10. Front axle beam, springs, hubs, etc., ex-Type 40, 410. Also a few engine and chassis spares. Two downdrauglit S.U. carburetters, Win, bore, new, (8. Lucas Vertex magneto, 4-cyl., anti-clock, unused, (IL Miles, Sunnydale, Victoria Road, Sutton Coldfield. Tel. : Sutton Coldfield 2527.

AUSTIN SEVEN COMPETITION ENGINE, supertuned and ready to race ; boost 12 lb. Prescott 56.28 sec.; complete, £75. Less Marshall blower, 45; less P,N.4 Scintilla, (35. Cost double. Ex” Tiger Kitten “5-stud J.A.P., brake tested 44 b.h.p.; perfect ; offers around (70. Mallock, 1, Scotton Park, Catteriek Camp, Yorks.

A.C. 1936 D.H. COUPE. Complete mechanical overhaul by makers ; recellulosed and new hood ; not used since. Is now in first-class order. What offers ? Sandell, 10, Burgh Heath Road, Epsom. Tel. : Epsom 251.

O.M. 4-SEATER SPORTS 2-LITRE, excellent cendition ; all new tyres ; all-weather equipment. £140. Jack Leeson & Partners, 96, Brook Street, Stourbridge, Worcs. FOR SALE–continumi

B.S.A. “SCOUT,” 1037, lirst-class 2-seater sports. Any trial. (210. Jack Leeson & Partners, 96, Brook Street, Stourbridge, Worcs.

JACK LEESON & PARTNERS, Midland sports car specialists. Cars, spares, accessories. 96, Brook Street, Stourbridge, Worcs. ‘rd.: Ilagley 3234.

” 30/98 ” VAUXHALL 0E57 AND 251 combined. H.C. piston, counter-balanced crank, close-ratio gearbox. Rear wheels 600 by 19. Body cut and shut. Spare wheel over tank. Tonneau cover. Downdraught carburetter or twin S.U.s. Standing quarter-mile 21 seconds. Nearest £350. Tel. : Central 7319 (day), Frohisher 3379 (night).

1931 M.G. ” 18/80 ” SPEED MODEL, Mk, 1. Fast and reliable. Good condition. With coupons from third month. Any offers. Barton, 128, Manchester Road, Burnley.

TWO NEW 44-LITRE S.U. CARBURETTERS, suit Invicta or similar, 410. One P.I00 headlamp, perfect, £5. Fabric body, off 4i-litre Bentley, including all-weather equipment and cockpit cover, excellent condition, (25. Special 2-seater. Price, 14, London Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. VICTOR GILLOW SPECIAL, fitted ” Brixiklands ” Riley engine, 10-to-1 compression ratio, polished

ports, 1 crank, twin S.U.s, close-ratio gearbox ; aluminium body ; magneto rewound ; four good tyres. Car completely rebuilt and in running order. (175 or offer. J. H. Savage, 10, Poyk Road, Gil i i f ord.

SPRINT SPECIAL AMILCAR CHASSIS, titti I ED Meadows, rebuilt from scratch, cusily completed for next season. Seen Surrey. Box No. 726, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road,

LAGONDA 1930 SPORTS TOURER 3-LITRE, fitted 21.6-h.p. Rolls-Royce engine. (150. Box No. 727, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

OFFERS OVER 665.—Austin Seven’ circa 1931. Metal 2-seater sports body ; lowered suspension ; S.U. carburetter ; outside exhaust, gear-lever. Marchal headlights. Budden, 104, St. Leonard’s Road, S.W.14. Tel. : PRO 1850.

BENTLEY “SPEED SIX,” 1929; Freestone Webb two-door Sports Saloon; excellent condition. (250 spent ; re-wired, P100s, good tyres ; photo. (575. 8, Lexden Road, Colchester. Tel : Colchester 3071.

TALBOT “SPEED 90,” fitted with Van den Pins Sports Touring body ; finished grey, in good condition, excellent all-weather equipment ; tonneau cover, etc.; over (100 spent in overhauling within 18 months, bills available. Sacrifice (150 for quick sale. Write Ffoulkes, ‘Woodchester Lawn, Hales Road, Cheltenham Spa. Tel. : 3213. VINTAGE SCHNEIDER 12/8-H.P. 6/10/33; fourspeed, Servo brakes, new hood and sidescreens. New batteries, four new tyres, sound condition and in daily use. Host of spares.. Nearest (75, or would exchange for motor-cycle ; cash adjustment. Holt, 14, Huntingdon Road, Farlsdon, Coventry, FOR SALE—continued MEADOWS ENGINES. Blown *litre ex Hyper,. with gearbox, less clutch ; (22. Standard 4D complete with gearbox and all accessories. (17. Buyer to collect. Hindle, 108, F,astlands Road, Rugby. Tel,: Rugby 4205. ASTON-MARTIN. Pair Aero screens, chrome, (5. Vale Special, brand new hood, (5. Vale engine with Scintilla, (5. Marshall, 7, Durham Road, Redcarr,

Yorks. JAGUAR DECEMBER, 1947. 24-litre. Fitted 11.M.V. radio and ace discs. Immaculate condition.. Gunmetal and red. Mileage 10,000. Best offer_

. W. Cox, I 5a, Stratford Road, Shirley, Birmingham..

: Shirley 1138. BAMFORD ASTON-MARTIN 14-LITRE. Fully equipped, enthusiast’s chance. (175 or offer.. Carpenter, Well Nigh, Woodmausterne Lane, Banstead, Surrey. BARGAIN! ! I 1947 H.R.G. Aerodynamic 2-seater. 1,ow mileage, one owner, original tyres. (925. V. W. Davies & Son, Ltd., Shipston-on-Stour, 3. 1937 Invicta 2-seater. Black. (575, in beautiful cSotontdintio3n. V. W. Davies & Son, Ltd., Shipston-on

1939 MORGAN ” 4/4 ” 2-seater. Mileage 42,000; rebored, new bearings, reconditioned front suspension by Morgans. Good tyres, taxed, full basic_ Seen Sussex. Nearest offer /450. Consider exchange 8/10-h.p. saloon. Box No. 728, Moroa SPORT, 16, City Road, E.C.1.

4.50 BY 19 COVERS. £3 9s. each. barge new stock.. The Royal Forest Garage, Chingford, E.4. Tel. : Silverthorn 2200. RILEY NINE, 1982. Complete, body wrecked by children. (30 or as spares. Riley Mark 4 block, front axle, gearbox, steering. Pair 5.50 by 19Dunlop Sports. H. Hitchcock, 23, Hanbury Croft, Acocks Green, Birmingham. G.N. MARTYR. Mr. C. R. Instoue’s famous Shelsley Special, entirely rebuilt in 1947 with If_ suspension—box frame—single-seater alum, body— special wheels, tyres, chains, etc ; 906-c.c. racing J.A.P. motor with special Zoller blower. In firstclass condition and ready for racing, complete with spares and trailer. 4600. Earlsdon Engineering. Co., Ltd., Hearsall Lane, Coventry. Tel. : Coventry 2957.