Reports of Recent Events

M.C.C. Sporting Trial This year's Sporting Trial of the Motor Cycling Club, which started from Buxton on October 22nd, attracted 88 car entries and also the rain, which rendered it a difficult event, only seven competitors gaining First-Class Awards. The hills included Washgates, Checks, Pilsbury, Jenkins Chapel, Litton Slack, Taddington Moor and a modified version of Cow Low. The trial went with the M.C.C.'s usual efficiency, apart from some delay at Washgates when the tractor jibbed.

The "Buxton" proved a victory for A. B. Rogers, J. Clegg and J. H. Appleton. Holt overturned his Ford Ten-engined G.R.H. Special on Litton Slacks' top hairpin.

Results: Best Performance, Invited Class. — Tie, A. B. Rogers (3,622-c.c. Rojah) and J. Clegg (1,172-c.c Special). M.C.C. Members. — J. H. Appleton (4,400-c.c. Allard). First-Class Awards. — K. E. O. Burgess (3,917-c.c.) Allard, S.); C. M. Wilie (1,172-c.c. Ford, 5); R. E. Holt (3,622-c.c. Ford Special); A. G. Imhof (1,172-c.c. Imhof Special); S. C. Rogers, Clegg and Appleton. Second-Class Awards. — G. L. Hancock (3,622-c.c. Allard); C. Harley Simm (1,185-c.c. Brayshaw S); C. A. M. Bearshaw (1,172-c.c. A.M.B. Special); B. H. Brown (3,622-c.c. Ford Special); S. S. Turner (3,622-c.c. Allard) ; J. C. Wallwork (1,776c.c. Standard Special); B. K. Thompson (1,172c.c. A.W. Special); K. R. Bailey (1,503-c.c. Riley), C. Corbishley (1,172-c.c. C.C.S.); G. R.. Holt (1,172-c.c. Special); C. L. Bold (1,080-c.c. Bold); A. F. Eadon (1,485-c.c. Rover); A. T. Daniel (1,081-c.c. Daniel, S.); E. W. Price (1,922c.c. Price Special); G. D. Waldron (1,172-c.c. Dellow S.), C. L. J. Tracey (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S); Frost (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S.); H. C. Clayton (1.172-c.c. Clayton Special). Team Award. — R. E. Rogers and G. R. Holt

Sheffield & Hallamshire M.C. High Peak Trial Conveniently following the "Buxton" on October 23rd, this trial, the fourth of the series, was rendered severe by heavy rain. The 41-mile route took in Bamford Clough, Pindale, Litton Slack, Old. Lees, Greenhope, Cowdale, Fred's Folly and Cow Low, with special tests at Pindale and Bathan Gate. Litton Slack proved in very dour mood, but, like the other hills, had been divided into sections for purposes of marking. Those who attained the summit were Clayton (Ford-Ten Clayton Special), Spence (Ford-Ten F.M.W.), Price (V8 Price Special), and Hancock (Allard). After this the rain cleared away the mud and the ascent became comparatively easy. Cow Low's zig-zag 1 in 3 was climbed by Rhodes (B.M.W.) and Clegg (Ford-Ten Clegg Special). The "High Peak" proved a real "stopper" and victory went to the Ford Ten-engined Special, as study of the results shows convincingly. A good effort was a fiim of the morning's hills, shown that evening to competitors, at the Palace Hotel, Buxton.

Results: 1st: J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg Special).
2nd: T. C. Harrison (1,172-c.c. Harford).
3rd: A. G. Imhof (1,172-c.c. Imhof Special).
4th: G. R. Holt (1,172-c.c. G.R.H.).
6th: C. L. Bold (1,080-c.c. Bold Special).
6th: B. K. Thompson (1,172-c.c. A.W.S.).
7th: K. R. Bailey (1,053-c.c. Riley Special).
8th: C. D. Waldron (1,172-c.c. Dellow).
9th: K. Rawlings (2,008-c.c. Vanguard Special).
10th: P. Atkinson (747-c.c. Austin).
11th: A. D. Alldred (1,172-c.c. Ford).
12th: M. Wilde (1,172-c.c. Ford).
13th: C. Corbishley (1,172-c.c. C.C.S.).
14th: A. B. Rogers (3,622-c.c. Rojah).
15th: J. G. Lister (1,172-c.c. Austin).

High Peak Trophy (best performance). — J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg Special), Lanes and Cheshire C.C., 94 marks.
Beeston Trophy (second). — T. C. Harrison (1,172c.c. Harford), S. and H.M.C., 92 marks, aggregate test time 71.4 sec.
Needham Trophy (third). — A. G. Imhof (1,172-c.c. Imhof Special), S. and H.M.C., 92 marks, time 76.3 sec.
Team Prize. — B. K. Thompson, K. R. Bailey and C. Corbishley (Lanes and Cheshire C.C. "Wheatsheafs").
President's Award (best standard car). — R. Oakes (1,250-c.c. M.G.), M.G.C.C., 67 marks.

Sunbeam-Talbot Owners' Club "Scarborough Rally" Under a glowing sky, with gleaming cars and bristling exhibitions of competitive determination, the Second Annual Rally to Scarborough on October 22nd and 23rd of the Sunbeam-Talbot Owners' Club proved an outstandingly successful occasion.

Nearly one hundred entrants, from all parts of the country, vied one with another for premier honours in the high-efficiency driving tests — embodying acceleration, braking, cornering, manoeuvring through set obstacles, distance judging etc., all against the stop-watch — and demonstrated the outstanding prowess of respective drivers.

The Club acknowledges a very great debt of gratitude to the Corporation of Scarborough for the excellent facilities provided on the Marine Drive and on Oliver's Mount, both of which transpired to be venues for vast numbers of Scarborough motorists and holiday visitors, for whom a week-end's excellent sport was staged. At the Grand Hotel on the Saturday evening, the Club's dinner-dance was honoured by the presence of His Worship the Mayor (Alderman R. F. Chapman) and Mayoress, who, in extending a cordial welcome to the Club, promised wholehearted co-operation and support of the Town's services for all future events.

With only split-second differences between respective competitors, the judges' task provided no easy problem. The presentation of prizes, graciously carried out by the Mayoress, was the scene of marked enthusiasm. Respective class winners were:

Class A. Sunbeam-Talbots, 10.H.P.:
1st: W. Freed (London).
2nd: F. W. Webster (Leeds).
Class B. Sunbeam-Talbots, 14-H.P.:
1st: R. J. Adams (Lisburn, N. Ireland).
2nd: E. A. Lloyd-Davies (Wolverhampton).
Class C. Hillmans: 1st: B.. S. Henson (Coventry).
2nd: E. N. Hiskins (Wakefield).
Class D. Humbers:
1st: C. Hardy (Hull).
2nd: H. Arundale (Scarborough).
Ladies' Prize: Miss Mary Stainforth (Lincoln).
Yorkshire Distributors' Trophy (offered for the best performance in a Sunbeam-Talbot). — R. J. Adams (Lisburn).
The Grand Concours d'Elegance held on the Marine Drive on the Sunday morning presented almost a miniature Earls Court, the successful entrants being:
1st: R. J. Adams (Sunbeam-Talbot 90) (Lisburn, N. Ireland).
2nd: B,. Walshaw (Hillman Minx) (Halifax).

The Bossom Trophy Trial The Bossom Trophy Trial, run off in Kent by the Maidstone and Mid-Kent M.C. on October 30th, was a stiff event. Over 60 entries came in, mostly typical trials specials, but including Jarvis' immaculate and embarrassed 4½-litre Bentley. It was interesting that several Austin/Ford exponents seem to be going back to Austin Seven engines and Welfare had what appeared to be a normal Austin Seven "Chummy," even to three-speed Austin gearbox. Other Austin Seven-engined cars were entered by Edwards, Yates, Hawkson and Lang. Darling drove an ingenious four-wheeled version of Morgan/Ford Eight three-wheeler. There were twelve observed sections and a special test.

Only Burgess' Allard climbed Higgin's Horror but he failed on the first ascent of Boxley Warren, where the start was on such a slippery patch, before a left-hand bend, that many failed to reach it. We observed Willis' B.M.W. Gosnell's H.R.G., Hart's "TC" M.G. Richards' Austin/Ford, Robert's V8 H.K.R. Special and Turner's Allard fail at or near the start, the last-named, four up, bouncing its valves and sending clouds of steam from its tyres in its dismay. Given help, some of these unfortunates ascended the rest of Boxley Warren strongly and as time went on the hill seemed to get easier. Mead's ex-Potter Allard went up really well, Day's Mercury had no trouble, blipping up, while Oxendale started neatly, his H.R.G. going very strongly. Yates, in the ex-Birkett Austin Seven, did splendidly, Readings' Regent Special and Wick's Riley Nine Special were good, as were Roberts' Special and Goltz-Mehn's Ford Eight. Smith's F.M.B. Ford Ten blown Special had power to spare and Waring's Dellow did a fierce, fast assault, blower whining. Appleton (Allard) and Hollingsworth (Ford Ten. Special s/c) were carefully successful.

Hill's Hill stopped about half the entry and Goofy's Warren was difficult. Boxley Warren was then taken the opposite way, involving a nasty, cambered downhill right-hand turn, which threw cars heavily on to the outer bank. This proved too much for Burgess, whose Allard slipped straight on, Turner's Allard, in spite of four up and three spare wheels, Brown's Ford V8 Special, Hughes' Austin Ten, Rumfitt's original Allard, which got well stuck, Willis' B.M.W., Hart, who approached wrongly and got his M.G. thoroughly jammed, Richards' Austin / Ford, the H.K.R., Lang's "Ulster" bodied Austin, which fell over, and the Bentley, which ran backward; at peak revs. Imhof made a truly brave ascent in his wonderful mid-engined blown Ford Ten Special, one rear wing adrift. Wick's Allard succeeded with four up, Price hit the bank a fearful crump and lost his air-cylinder which a marshal treated as if it were a bomb or mine, but he got up, Pentony made a good job of it in his Vauxhall/Morris, and Wooton's Austin/Ford was very well handled, as was Yates' Austin.

Day was 3.9 sec. better than average in the special test, so he won for the third time in succession and keeps the Trophy. Spectators turned out in considerable numbers and at one hill quite an array of cars were parked, including a fine 4½-litre Bentley four-seater, a 328 B.M.W., and Carter's "2.6" Alfa-Romeo and even a Donnet-Zedel cabriolet. The tea-stop was a typical scene at a trials-end, but hot food would have been nice.

Bossom Trophy. — A. E. A. Day (Mercury).
1,100-c.c. Class Winner. — C. Yates (Austin Seven).
2,000-c.c. Class Winner. — E. G. Spence (F.M.W.Ford).
Over 2,000-c.c. Class Winner. — J. H. Appleton (Allard).
Maidstone and Mid-Kent M.C. Award. — L. J. Hollingsworth (Ford Ten Special).
First-Class Awards. — V. S. A. Biggs (1,172-c.c. Ford), E. N. Frost (4,276-c.c. Allard), J. Readings (1,785-c.c. Regent Special), J. C. Smith (1,172-c.c. F.M.B. Ford), M. Lawson (1,497-c.c. H.R.G.), G. G. Smith 1.172-c.c. M.G. Ford), G. Penthony (1,442-c.c. Morris).
Second-Class Awards, — R. Davis (1,172-c.c. Leopard Special), H. Clayton (1,172-c.c. Clayton), W. F. Mead (3,917-c.c. Allard), K. E. O. Burgess (3.917-c.c. Allard, s/c.), J. H. Appleton (4,375-c.c. Allard, s/c.), M. Wick (3,917 c.c. Allard), A. G. Imhof (1,172-c.c. Imhof Special, s/c.).
Team Award. — Lawson, Penthony, Imhof (Northwest London).

R.I.A.C. Walter Sexton Trophy The 1949 award of the Walter Sexton Trophy for the highest aggregate of marks gained in open speed competitions by members of the Royal Irish Automobile Club, goes to J. Kelly.

The S.U.N.B.A.C. Vesey Cup Trial The return of rain made this a very stiff event, and Cyril Bold can congratulate himself well and truly on winning the cup with his 1,080-c.c. Bold. Lye Wood caught the unwary or unpowerful in deep mud. Eaton was distinctly stiff, and timed section and test, respectively, enlivened Longville and Heywood Common. Indeed, only Atkinson (Austin), Burgess (Allard), Lowe, Waldron and Tracey in their Dellows, Bold and Wharton made any appreciable onslaught on Eaton and no one climbed clean. Marshbrook defeated many by reason of wet grass. In recent trials more mechanical trouble has been experienced than one expects in present-day "mudlarks" and the Vesey was no exception — almost a reliability trial, in fact. Len Parker had transmission trouble with his new rear-engined Parker-Special, Rawlings trouble with the Vanguard gearbox of his Vanguard Special, Edwards lost two of his Ford's gears and Corbishley actually changed a gasket on his C.C.S. between hills. Bold was 2 sec. faster than Wharton in the Special Test, both losing 12 marks.

Vesey Cup (best performance). — Bold 1,080-c.c. (C. L. Bold).
Carless Cup (best over 1,500-c.c.). — Allard 3,917-c.c. s/c (K. E. O. Burgess).
Watson Gwynne Bowl. (best under 1,500-c.c.). — Wharton 1,172-c.c. (K. Wharton).
First-Class Awards. — Dellow s/c (R. B. Lowe), Dellow 1,172-c.c., s/c (G. D. Waldron).
Second-Class Awards. — Wol-Ford 1172-c.c. (H. B. Woodall) C.C.S. 1,172-c.c. (C. Corbishley), Dellow 1,172-c.c.,s/c (F. E. Shanks), Daniel 1.081-c.c.(A. T. Daniel), Dellow 1,172-c.c., s/c (J. W.Cox) Dellow 1,172-c.c., s/c (P. J. Collins), Allard 4,375-c.c., s/c (J. H. Appleton), Allard 3917-c.c. (H. C. Roberts).
Team Award. — C. Corbishley's "Mudslingers" (Bold, Wharton, Corbishley).

Cemian M.C. President's Cup Trial
Held on November 13, the results were:
President's Cup. — T. W. Oxendale (H.R.G.),
Saloon Award. — R. L. Sadler (Hillman).
First-Class Awards. — R. A. Rivers (Morris Eight), D. W. Freeman (H.R.G.), P. E. Sundt (Austin Seven).
Second-Class Awards. — A. E. A. Day (Mercury Special), L. Green (Ford Ten), V. Gordon (M.G.).

Grand Prix of Madrid
Sommer's Simca won the Final, averaging 63.2 m.p.h. for the 125 miles. Trintignant's Simca was second, de Graffenried's Stanguellini F.I.A.T. third, Taruffi's Cisitalia fourth, Dei's Cisitalia fifth and Phillippe's Simca-Deho sixth. Sommer won one of the 40-mile heats, Chiron drove an O.S.C.A. to victory in the other.

V.S.C.C. (Northern Section) Nidderdale Trial
Fifteen cars started in this event on November 5th and the route embraced Middle Tongue, Hole Bottom, Main Strel, How-Stean, Lofthouse Bank, a "slow-fast" test and an acceleration test. Jane's 1923-5 Lancia made best performance in both tests and best performance in the trial, the runners-up being Ingham's Riley Nine and Rayfield's ex-Margaret Allen 3-litre Bentley with 4½-litre engine.

Cheltenham M.C. Trial Seventy-one starters graced this trial on November 12th but the hills were, on the whole, fairly easy and Appleton (Allard) scored his victory by reason of the forward-and-reverse special test.

Best Performance (Player Bowl and Souvenir). — J. H. Appleton (4,375-c.c. Allard, S.), no marks lost time on eliminating test 12.6 sec.
Best up to 1,000 c.c., U/S. — H. E. Roberts (933-c.c. Fordmor), no marks lost, 14.6 sec.
Best up to 1,000 S/C and 1,1001 to 2,000 c.c U/S. — J. Sleeman (1,172-c.c. Sleeman), no marks lost, 14.4 sec.
Best Cheltenham M.C. Member (resident within 15 miles). — J. M. Readings (2,570-c.c. Lancia), 6, 14.6 sec.
Team Prize. — "Tryers": P. A. Atkinson (747-c.c. Austin), no marks lost, 16.6 sec.; J. Sleeman (1,172-c.c. Sleeman), no marks lost, 14.4 sec.; and K. Rawlings 2,100-c.c. Vanguard Special), no marks lost, 13.4 sec.
First-Class Awards. — G. Hinder (747-c.c. Austin), 9, 18.2 sec.; P. A. Atkinson (747-c.c. Austin), no marks lost, 16.6 sec.; G. R. Holt (1,172-c.c. G.R.H.), no marks lost, 16.6 sec.; K. Delingpole (1,172-c.c. Dellow), no marks lost, 15 sec.; J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg), no marks lost, 14.8 sec.; J. Whitetleld (1,172-c.c. Ford Special), no marks lost, 19.4 sec.; C. Bold (1,080-c.c. Bold), no marks lost, 14.6 sec.; R. Holt (3,622-c.c. V8 Special), no marks lost, 13.8 sec.; L. G. Evans (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S.), no marks lost, 14 sec.; J. Cox (1,172-c.c. Dellow, S.), no marks lost, 14 sec.; K. Rawlings (2,100-c.c. Vanguard Special), no marks lost, 13.4 sec.; R. W. Faulkner (4,000-c.c. Mercury), no marks lost., 13.4 sec.; A. E. A. Day (3,917-c.c. Mercury Special), no marks lost, 13.6 sec.

Class F Records
At Montlhèry Track on October 31st, Geoffrey Crossley broke the Class F 50 kilometre, 50 mile and 100 kilometre records at 125.92 m.p.h., 124.4 m.p.h. and 124.17 m.p.h., respectively, driving his 1½-litre G.P. Alta. He improved on the previous records, made at the same venue twenty-three years ago by Eldridge's Miller, by 5.86 m.p.h., 2.52 m.p.h., and 1.68 m.p.h., respectively.