Reports of Recent Events, December 1951



Reports of Recent Events


200 CHALLENGE Thorny Aso REPLICA.-C. J. Crump (Marden). RUNNER-Up (BARTON TRopily AND REPLICA).it. W. Faulkner (Paul Special),

BR8T P.M.C. Mumima (ANnaaw Ta0PnY).-0. Seali (Scan Special).

BEST IN CLASS I (” 200 ” )EPLICA).–B..Fitzwater (Riley Special).

BEST IN CLANS 2 (” 200″ REPUCA).-L. Parker (Parker Special).

BEST IN CLASS 3 (“200” RaimmA).-E. Ellis (F.N.-8.M.W.).

FIRST-CLASS AWARD.-R. Orchard (Bellow). Swum-CLASS Awnith.-E. A. Jantwey (O.V.G.). TH/RD-CLASS AWARD.-R. W. Hartnell (Ford). BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY.-G. &AIL RUNNER-UP.-R. Orchard.


The Aston-Martin 0.C. deserves congratulations on an excellent event over an interesting new course, with very generous prize money. Fastest time Of the day was made by VVitarton’s 2-litre E.R.A., at 824 m.p.h., a Second faster than Poore’s ” 8.8 ” Alfa-Romeo. CLASS WINNERS:

SPORTS Qum, 1,101-1,500 0.0.-F. C. Davis (Cooper). 1,601-2,000c.0.-R. C. Willis (B.M.W.). 2,000-3000 0.o.-M. Morris-Goodall (1)112 AstonMartin).

OVIM 3,000 0.0.-F. H. Howarth (Jaguar X.K120). Ream Cass, 500 0.0.-D. Parker (3.13.8.). 601-1,100 0.0.-0. A. Booker (Cooper 1,100). 2,000 0.0.-D. Hamilton (H.W.M.).

4,600 0.0.-W. B. Black,(Jaguar XK120). UNLIMITED.-Wharton (BALA.).

LADIBIL-Mrs. Willis (B.M.W.).


BEST PERFORMANCE BY MESSIER OF AN 1NVITF.D 01,1113.-W. A. Cleave (1,086-c.c. Morris Special), no marks lost.

Baer PasFORMANCE BY Minsemit ov M.C.C.-C. F. Creesby (1,203-c.e. Vauxhall Special, s(c.), no marks lost. FIRST-CLASS AWARDS (CARS).-F. E. Wall (1,172-ex. Bellow, sic.), J. W. Fleetwood (1,172-c.c. G.R.H.), A. M. Beardshaw (1,190-e.c. Wharton), M. S. Wilson (1,172-c.c. Wilson Special). J. W. S. Utley (1,172-e.c. Bellow), A. Ponytail (3,622-c.c. Rojah), P. B. Goodall (1,172-c.c. Bellow), F. Bean (1,172-ex. A.Vt*.S.), W. A. Cleave (1,086-c.c. Morris Special), M. H. Lawson (1,172-cx. Lotus 1), A. L. S. Denyer (1,496-c.c. Len-Francts), C. F. Ormsby (1,203.e,c. Vauxhall Special, sic.). A. Bayliss (1,172-e.c. Ford Special), S. Horsfleld 1 1,172-cx. Harley Special, a/c.), P. A. Atkinson 1,225-c.c. Atkinson Special), J. D. Sleenuin 1,172-c.c. Sicernan Special, sic.), J. H. Appleton 1,485-c.c. Appleton); all no marks lost. SBOor4D-CLASS AWARDS,-G. Wood (3,600-c.c. G.W.8), It. E. C. Brookes (1,172-c.c. RALF: Spode!), (1. 1)racup (1,911-c,e. Frazer-NashB.M.W.), H. R. Payne (1,172-c.c. Bellow). W. A. Grayson (1,223-c.c. Grayson Special, sic.). N. W. Kastner (1,172-e.e. Dellow), J. C. Wallwork

11,776-c.c. Standard Special), E. J. Chandler 1,172-c.e. Chandler Special, sic.), H. Shipside 1,172-e.c. Austin), J. R. Skiwell (1,172-c.c. Bellow, etc.), C. P. Nichols (1,172-c.c. Bellow), P. Clegg (1,000 c.c. Ford Special).

Taxan-Cuss AWARDS.-A. G. Curwen (747-ex. Austin), 0. E. Pettit (2,663-c.c. Singer Special), W. L. T. Winder (1,172-c.e. Austin Special), D. G. Flather (1,071-c.c. Keystone Special), It. A. Hellyar (1,493-c.c. Singer).


HIGH PEAR CHALLENGE TRoPHY.-T. C. Harrison (1,172-c.c. Harford), 8 marks lost.

BENTON TROPHY.-J. D. Sleernan (1,172-e.c. Sleeman), 10. NEEDHAM TROPHY.-E, Harrison (1,172-e.c. Farford), 10; A. W. Lillo (1,172-cm. Clegg), 12;

B. tt. Chandler (1,172-c.c. Chandler), 12; G. P. Mosby (1,172-c.c. Ford). 14; B. Wilde (1,172-c.c. Ford), 14; J. Clegg (1,172-c.c. Clegg), 14: J. W. Fleetwood (1,172-ex. (1.1t.11.), 14; A. W. Francis (3,917-c.c. HILO.), 15; A. J. Utley (1,172-c.c. A.W.), 16; I.. J. .Oliver (1,172-e.e. Oliver), Hi. BEST SHEFFIELD AND HALLAMSIIHRE Masusas.

3. Rayner (1,172-e.e. B.F.), 17.

BEST UNDER 1,000 C.C.-T. S. Jefikina (033-c,c. Morris), :0.

TRAM C. Harrison, (S. P. Mosby M. Willie. BARD LOCK Alta/tn.-R. W. Phillips (1,480-c.e. )”airley),


SPORTS CARS: 1,100 C.C. SW., 1,500 cc. Nos-S/C.-K. H. Down,

lug (Ponnanolit), 21.8 sec. 1,101-1.500 cc. Sc.. 1,501-2,000 CC. NON-s/c.

G. err I B.M.W.), 19,11 sec.

OVER 1,500 c.c. S,/c., OVER 3,000 c.c. NON’S/C.(1. W. llawkins (Jaguar), 19.6 see.

STANDARD ” Tc” OR ” TI) ” M.G.s.-R. A. Gold. bourn (” TB “), 28.0 see.

STANDARD X K120 .1A0rARS.-0. Reath, 20.2 sec. SA LOONS OR Bit. Coms.–B. Spencer (SunbeamTalbot.), 21.77 sec. RACING CARS:

500 C.c.-C. D. Headland (Cooper-J. A .P.), 20.0 sec. 1,500 cc. Sic., 4,500 cc.„ -I). t, Bradnack (Cooper-J.A.P. 1,100), 10.7 gee.

Foamri.A 11.-C. Heath (Cooper-J.A.P. 1,100)? 17.2 Sec.

UNLIMITED. -E. Lloyd-Jones (Triangle Flying Saucer), 16.0 see. ( F.7′ . D.).

S.O.D.C. 24-HOUR RALLY (Oct. 27th/28th)

This ambit ious event embraced a 20-lap High Speed Trial at Brands Hatch Stadium following a 135-mile road section, and then a 300-mile run to Penzance with driving tests at Treng-wainton hill-the sort of event we would like to see repeated. Results I BEST AGOREGATE.-R. J. Thurgood (H.R.G.), 500 marks, RUNNER-UP.-D. Shea-Simmonds (32 ArdunAllard), 491 marks,

NEXT BEST S.O.D.C. ME/MR.-R. B. lambert (MA), 471 marks.

NEXT BEST INVITED MEMBER.-D. Seobey (72 Allard), 478 marks.


Csoss CROUCH CHA U.RSGE TROPHY (best performance of the day).-11. .1. Hunter (Healey), 86 marks lost ; 2nd : L. Collins (M.0,), 108 marks lost ; 3rd : A. It. Davies (Humber), 122 marks lost. TEAM AWARD: D, .T. Parsons (34.9.), T.. Collins, and P. Collins (Rover). Total 405 marks

MAIDSTONE & MID-KENT M.C. BOSSOM TRIAL (Oct. 28th) Bossom TROPHy.-R, W. Faulkner (Paul

Bossom TROPHy.-R, W. Faulkner (Paul Speciali. BEST MAIDSTONE M.G. MEMBER.-A. E. Day (De low),

750-cc. Cuss.-M. R. 11, Cannon (Cannon-Austin). 10.00-C.C. CLASS.-J. C. Smith (J.C.S.).

1,300-c.c. Cuss.-M. B. Lawson (Lotus). 1.11(1.1311TRD.-W, B. Waring (sic.

FIRST•CLARS AWARDS-A. A. Baring (Cotton), A. G. Imhof (Imhof), J. H. Appleton (Appleton), E. 0. Spence (Spence), A. B. Ramat (Cotton).

SECOND-Cuss Awmtos.-R. Chappell (sic. Bellow), 8. Sweeney (sic. Vauxhall Speeial), P. Barden (s/e. Bellow), E. J. Chandler (Chandler Special), L. J. Onslow-Bartiett (Austin Special).


LONSDALE TROPHY.-B. llercock (M.G.). Norma AWARD.-A. Jelly (Vauxhall Velox).

FIRST,CLASS AWARDS.-1. Williams (Bellow), R.

Yates (Vanguard). SECONDLASS AWARDS.-K. Law (Singer), B. Creasey (R.L.C. Special),


Tirg PETER GORNA TROPHY.-J. V. Holt, 474 marks. THE BURKHARDT TROPHY. -N. S. Robbins, 478 marks.

CLASH A (R.M.C. NORTH-WEST CENTRE TIMMY).P. B. Reece, 541 marks.

CLASS C (.1. (1. BASICS TROMIY).-111. A. lionnand, 578 marks.

Class D (PRESIDENT’S TROPHY).-B. Upton, 485 marks.

NOVICE’S AWARD-I’. H. Smith, 520 marks. Futirr-CiAss A w.tans.-11. S. Marks, 604; E. G.

Parry, 527 ; .1. Barnes, 510. CONCOURS D’ELEGANcE AWARDS

CLASS 1.-W. Enderby, 00 marks. i’!,tss 2. -J. Barnes, 86 marks, and P. II. Smith,

G norke (tie).

cl -H. G. Parry, 75 marks.

S.U.N.B.A.C. VESEY TRIAL (Nov. 3rd)

VESEY cup.R. Merrick (Atkinson Special). CARLESS CUr.-A. W. Francis (11.R.G.-Mercury).

WATSON DIVER): 41. L. Bold (IMM). FIRST-CLASS ANC:um-K. C. Dclinapole (Jellow). SECON1).CLASS A WA ans.-C. Corbithley (C(1.8.), R. Ii. Lowe Mellow), I. Sleemati (Skein:to),

C. It. Hardman Mellow), E. J. P. Reynolds (Bellow), L..1. Oliver (Oliver), F. E. Wail (Bellow).


The Ceinian M.C. had obviously taken real pains over this trial,which.counting towards the H.A.C. Championship, started and linisheri from Hindhead and took in a sporting 30-Mile course in the beautiful country around Midhurst. It was unfortunate that torrential rain fell most of the time, for you want this the night before but not during a trial. however, the boys and girls turned out in force to compete (41 entries) and spectate, and if some girl-friends new to the game found Mud still adhering to their coats and umbrellas days later, at the time, at all events, everyone seemed to take the conditions philosophically.

There was some delay before the first section because the caterpillar Fordson tractor arrived on a lorry just ahead of the first competitor and we were treated to an unexpected driving test as it was driven precariously off its lorry. This section, of deep slime, stopped only about three cars. In contrast, the last hill, consisting Of a climb over leaf mould to a vicious S-bend over a bank, defeated all save E. .1. Chandler’s blown Ford Tenengined Chandler Special, which sounded very healthy and made this obstacle, which defeated even Imhof, Runditt, Pentony and Mallock, look easy. Miss Price made a splendid effort hut, like all the others save Chandler, had to give best to the bank. Results :

KNOWLAND TROPHY.-11. S. Sweeney (Vauxhall Special, s’e.).

liksy csmus 31EArriEn.-11. H. Dees (Bellow. sic.). BEST INVITED MEMBEIL-K. J. Chandler (Chandler Special, sic.).

FIRST-CLASS A W Pcntony (Cyclops), A. G. Imhof (Imho( Special), 54. A. Lawson (Lotus 1), A. E. Itinatt (Cotton 11).

SlitcoNn-CiAss A WIRDS.-A. A. Baring (Cotton). H. Hopkinson (Ausford), E. 0. Spence (Sp)1nce), E. W. IL Brookes (Bnxikes).


BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY (irrespective Of Class).-G. Pentony (1.442-c.e. Pent-oily). BEST PERFORMANCE IN CLASS 11.-W. D. Waring

(1,106-e.e. W.11.W.).

BEST PERFORMANCE IN CLASS C.-3. Readings (I,781-c.c. Regent).

BEST PF,RFORMANCE BY V.H.C. MENDER (resident within 15 miles).–F. M. Harris (747-c.c. Austin).