Enthusiasts' Directory: No.4 - Pass And Fog-Lamps




Pass or fog-lamps have a well-deserved place on fast cars, especially those used for rallies, for the enthusiast usually prides himself, or herself, on a knowledge and appreciation of proper lighting equipment. Headlamps are normally constructed with twin-filament optical units. Only one of these can be in accurate focus; the other is out of focus and used for the dipped anti-dazzle beam. The same applies to the lens system. Consequently, long-distance illumination should be the function of the headlamps or specially-fitted pass-lamps, and short-range illumination, for use when the main lamps are dipped and/or extinguished, should be from separate pass-lamps. Notek have obtained the following data to prove this :

See Table ‘Average Candle-Power Reading at ft. Distance’

Notes follow on a variety of useful auxiliary lamps. 


The Auteroche lamps from Paris range in size from 135 mm. to 160 mm. dia. and in price from £2 17s. to £8 3s. 6d. Details from:

Autocar Co., Ltd., 32/34 Albert Embankment, London, S.E.11 (Rel 3861).


Butlers list a range of lamps which includes a 57/8 in. diameter foglamp (Ref. 828) finished in black or black and chrome, priced (in black) at £2 1s. 2d., a 57/8 in. diameter spotlight (Ref. 1373/A) for 6 or 12-volt installations, mountable on roof or scuttle for hand-adjustment, useful for reading signposts, etc., priced at £4 4s. with switch, cable and self-tapping screws, and the “Fogbeta” (Ref. 1308/A), a scientific fog-lamp providing a concentrated beam. This last-named is 8¼ in. deep by 5 in. diameter, supplied in polychromatic silver and chrome, the price being £5 5s. A new addition to the range is the “Saucer” lamp (Ref. 1435), which is shallow yet provides a strong beam, has a system of simple bulb-removal whereby the lamp rim need not be removed and is made of chromium-plated steel with a pre-focus flanged-type bulb. With white or amber, plain or fluted glass to choice, the price is £2 6s. 6d. with all accessories.

Butlers Ltd., Atlantic Works, Grange Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, 10 (Victoria 2164-6).


Made by Projecteurs Cibie of Paris, these lamps need no introduction. Two fog-lamps, respectively 130 mm. and 160 mm. in diameter (Ref. 3370 Popular and 3371 Special), have a long range horizontally-cut beam of about 5 lux at nearly 400 ft. The parabolic reflector and distributing glass works in conjunction with a special axial filament bulb. The price is £4 7s. and £4 19s., respectively. The Cibie pass-lamp is of pleasing appearance and its high-class reflector and ribbed lens produce a powerful driving beam. The two models (3380 Popular Pass and 3381 Pass Special) cost, respectively, the same as the fog-lamps, and are of like diameter.

S. Guitermann & Co. Ltd., 37, Soho Square, London, W.1 (Bermondsey 3119).


The Desmo “Regulite” is an all-brass 5¾ in. diameter driving lamp (Ref. 2022), giving a flat, non-dazzle beam of some 400 feet. The price is £2 10s. in chromium, £2 5s. in black and chromium, and £2 2s. in all-black finish. The “Desmolite” fog-lamp is of 7 ¾ in. diameter (Ref. 2001), the respective prices being £5, £4 2s. 6d. and £3 15s. There is also a 5 ¾ in. diameter spot-lamp, of the swivelling kind, in brass with heavy chromium finish, at £3 5s., and a 7 ¾ in. diameter all-black general-purpose lamp, useful as a headlamp for a special, priced at £2 10s. less bulb and bracket.

Desmo Ltd., Birmingham, 7 (Aston Cross 2831-3).


Ducellier have been supplying lamps for the French motor industry since 1900. Their 5(?) in. diameter foglamp gives an 8-ft. spread 12 feet from the lamp, the beam’s depth being 9 in. at this distance. The cadmium glass bulb gives the added advantage of intense illumination and these flat-beam lamps are splendidly finished. Matched pairs can be supplied, in chrome or black and chrome, and the prices range from £3 15s. each (Ref. 1695) to £4 7s. 6d. each (Ref. 1693).

Morris & Ingram (London) Ltd., 36-38 New Broad Street, London, E.C.2 (London Wall 2188-9).


Four inexpensive “Salora” fog-lamps figure in the Eversure range. It is claimed that by using clear glasses and bulbs and a golden reflector to provide “sunshine” rays, a more penetrating beam is produced than is possible from coloured light. The 4¼ in. diameter all-chromium lamp costs £2 2s. (Ref. 549, or 549A with silver reflector) and the 5½ in. diameter lamp, complete with switch, £3 3s. (Ref. 560, or 560A with silver reflector).

In addition, there is the 5 ¾ in. diameter ball-jointed spot-lamp, with parabolic reflector and special bulb, which throws a 500-ft. beam and has the switch incorporated. It costs £3 15s. (Ref. 502) or £4 4s. (Ref. 502M), with a 4-in, mirror in lieu of a handle. Finally, there is a chromium-brass 7 ¼ in. diameter spot-lamp of shallow construction with pre-focussed bulb, priced at £4 4s. It is 3 ¾ in deep, weighs 4 lb., and is 1 ¾ in. from centre of fixing bolt to back of lamp. The reference is 499.

Eversure Accessories Ltd., Eversure Works, Kingston Road, Birmingham, 9  (Victoria 2287-9).

James Neale

James Neale and Sons make the Raydyot range of lamps, which can be summarised as follows:–

See Table ‘Type; Ref.; Dia.; Depth; Finish’

James Neale & Sons, Ltd., Graham Street, Birmingham, 1 


The L.F.B. 5 in. diameter fog-lamp (Ref. F.2) has a yellow lens screen to deflect the beam downwards.

L. F. Brenner Ltd., 235, Halfway Street, Sidcup, Kent (Footscray 2754).


The famous Lucas spot-lamps popularly known as the “Flamethrower” but officially as the SLR700S is now available on the home market at a retail price of £5. It is backed up by a range of lower-priced lamps.

Joseph Lucas, Ltd., Birmingham, England.


The well-known and very effective range of French Marchal spot and fog-lamps includes a 5½ in. by 3 in. by 1½ lb. spot-lamp (ref. 642/300) at £4 9s. 6d. with accessories and a similar but deeper 6¼ in. by 5½ in. by 2 lb. full chrome lamp (ref. 632/300) at £4 19s. 6d. or in black with chrome rim (ref. 632/200) at £4 5s. There are also two twin-beam fog-lamps, giving a flat-top 180 deg. beam, lighting both sides of the road, 5½ in. by 3 in. by 1½ lb. at £4  9s. 6d. (iii. (ref. 640/300), or 6¼ in. by 5½ in. by 2 lb., at £4 19s. 6d. all chrome (ref. 630/300) or in black with chrome rim (ref. 630/200) at £4  5s.

Marchal Distributors, Ltd., Brook Lane North, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex. (Ealing 2672).


This well-known firm has been specialising in powerful but anti-dazzle lamps for over twenty years. Their “Speedmaster” widebeam spot-lamp is intended for short-range illumination or for driving at up to 45/50 m.p.h. Its accurate flat-top beam is about 600 ft., and screened light-source gives an anti-dazzle effect and good visibility in fog. It is an efficient addition to double-dipped headlamps. The “Roadmaster” is intended for pairing with the “Speedmaster” and gives even illumination up to 300 feet ahead, the beam broadening rapidly to nearly 80 ft. in width. The “Fogmaster” is a razor-sharp fog-light, with a range in excess of 400 ft. and over 80 ft. wide. The “Drivemaster” has most of the features of the “Fogmaster” and is ideal for pairing with it, as it gives a beam exceeding 800 ft., with narrower spread. These Notek lamps have their type name engraved on the lens. They may be used separately, instead of paired, if preferred. The “Passmaster” meets the dazzle problem by possessing a beam strictly confined to the driving side of the road, and may be used singly or in pairs. Finally, the “Lightmaster” is a recent development, giving a spot beam of great penetration, for use as an auxiliary headlamp. These lamps can be summarised as follows:–

See Table ‘Type; Length of beam; Max. width of beam; Price — black or black and chrome; Price — all chrome’

Notek Electric Co. Ltd., 23, London Road, Bromley, Kent (Ravensbourne 0021-2).


A wide range of spot-lamps is listed, including an adjustable 6 in. diameter, 4 in. deep chromium-plated lamp with focus adjustment by a coin-slot in the back, and a similar lamp in Melamine finished cream, black or cream and black, priced at £1 18s. 6d.

Remax Component Parts, Remax House, Alfred Place, London, W.C.1 (Museum (6512-6).