Goodwood 500-c.c. Lap Record



The B.A.R.C. announces that an investigation of the timekeepers’ records reveals that Eric Brandon was incorrectly credited with a lap of 1 min. 42.8 sec. The correct reading was 1 min. 47.8 sec., the error being due to the misreading of a figure.

The fastest lap in this race was in fact shared by L. Leston (Leston Special) and R. G. Bicknell (Revis) with 1 min. 46.8 sec. (80.90 m.p.h.). This is a new 500-c.c. record for this circuit.

The previous record was held by D. Parker (Kieft), who recorded a lap at 79.70 m.p.h. during the 500 International Trophy Race on June 2nd, 1952.