Nürburgring Races (October 16th)



A series of short races were held on the South Circuit of the Nürburgring for Touring cars, Grand Touring cars and Formula Junior, and weather conditions were appalling. So bad, in fact, that all but four of the Junior drivers refused to start, but realising that the four stalwarts would have it all their own way the others changed their minds at the last moment. This was very much a private owner, home-built Junior event and though the Frenchman Boyer in his Simca-Sirmac finished first he was disqualified for being helped back on the course after spinning off, and victory went to Harwood driving a Mallock-built U.2.


Formula Junior – 77 Kilometres

1st: J. Harwood (U.2-Ford) – 44 min. 00 sec. – 104.800 k.p.h.

2nd: H. Starke (Cooper-D.K.W.)

3rd: F. Radlein (Melkus-Warburg)