"Boxing Night Informal"

It seems highly probable that the Editor, who has never grown up, will again set out on Boxing Night, December 26th, possibly in his 1924 Calthorpe, and follow the route of one of the vintage M.C.C. Exeter Trials. This time the 1928 route (original route card kindly loaned by the M.C.C.) starting from Slough is favoured, as providing more space from which to start and fresh hills for those who have joined in, in previous years. This route has, however, not yet been surveyed and should it prove impracticable an earlier route, starting from Staines, would be used. Either way it means starting around 10 p.m. and finishing as soon as possible after midday on the Wednesday, in the region of Shaftesbury or Salisbury. Mr. Daniells has kindly offered to keep his garage open for petrol and refreshments around midnight and it is hoped that breakfast will be available at a lorry-drivers’ café near Exeter. If the run takes place it will be free of entry fees, prizes, protests or high-pressure publicity, and owners of legally-equipped vintage light cars are invited to make further inquiries, either to Motor Sport (MON 8944) or direct to W. Boddy (Fleet 831), as soon as possible. If sufficient response is received the route card will be sent out not later than December 15th.