Data and parts wanted

A reader in Greenwich who has discovered a 1922/3 1,098-c.c. D.F.P. chassis seeks help in what sort of body it had, general data, etc., and also needs spares. Technical or workshop manuals, in any language, covering 1922 and 1926 Hispano-Suiza cars are urgently needed by owners in Kenya. A radiator name-plate is wanted for a 1927 10/26-h.p. Singer Senior which is being rebuilt in England for an enthusiast in Holland. Another reader seeks servicing data for a 1934 1,657-c.c. twin-cam Blackburn engine, and similar data is required for a 1927 12/20-h.p. touring Citroën, while a Scarborough reader has an instruction book for a Rover Eight which he will present to anyone who owns one of these cars. A vintage sewing machine enthusiast with a collection of 40 seeks to expand this collection. Letters can be forwarded.