Forecourt service

It is most annoying to see the way some petrol stations are deteriorating in their attitude toward the private motorist.

I would mention an incident which happened to me about a month ago. While driving home one evening I noticed that the oil pressure was far below its normal level, so I stopped at the next garage to replenish the oil in the sump.

I decided to stop opposite the air line so my tyres could be checked at the same time to save shuttling back and forth over the forecourt. A female attendant appeared and I asked her to check my tyres; it was my intention to check the oil level myself to find out how much was needed. Having heard my instructions about tyre pressures she beckoned over a rather surly man who had been attending another customer. This grisly relic told me in no uncertain terms that to fill my tyres with air would cost me exactly 6d. per tyre!

After a long and heated discussion I expressed my strong disgust at such a disgraceful demand and left in high dudgeon. Whilst I appreciate the cost of running a compressor is high, I cannot accept that factor as an explanation for his outrageous demands as the next garage—The Caxton Service Station—were most courteous and eager to help me.

Perhaps it is the petrol company, in this case Shell, which is to blame?

P. R. H. Gaydon.