Links with the past


I was most interested to see photographed in your report of the American Car Rally at Beaulieu an Overland tourer owned by Mr. C. T. Allcorn bearing the Pembrokeshire registration number DE 2259.

Would Mr. C. T. Allcorn disclose to us the past owners of this interesting vehicle.

There were two or three of the Overland vehicles of this era in the immediate area. I wonder, has one succeeded in evading the scrap graveyard which claimed so many during the war years?

I am friendly with a retired electrical engineer who now resides at Solva, and was a native of this area. His vast knowledge of the introduction of motoring into this area is outstanding. Relative makes, owners, and years when they arrived, flow from this gentleman as a chronicler of old. His knowledge of the old traction engines is every bit as interesting.

Another friend of mine is a retired coachbuilder at Fishguard. He was in coachbuilding during the transition to the horseless carriage and has most vivid recollections of various incidents and experiences. It includes delivering as a boy with his father a single-cylinder Wolseley to my grandfather’s brother at Llanrhian.

How sad all these old vehicles have disappeared as scrap. But my!, what a privilege to speak at first hand to such fascinating gentlemen with such a tremendous wealth of knowledge.

Please could these good people in all parts who have such knowledge write it down for posterity. A local farmer has a complete set of Essex wooden wheels and axles on a farm wagon.

J.E. Griffiths.