Kyalami Nine Hours

A change in the regulations for the South African Springbok series for sports car races this year has restricted entry to 2-litre cars such as the new Chevron B19, Lola T210 and sundry Porsches. But South Africans were not denied the opportunity of seeing large capacity sports cars in action, for the organisers at Kyalami ran their usual nine hour event, catering for cars of the bigger variety, on November 7th.

In spite of having to stop every 35 minutes for fuel (the result of petrol pick-up problems), the Ferrari had an easy trouble-free run to victory, two laps ahead of the Martini 917 and several more in front of the same team's two smaller Porsches. Attwood and Love didn't last much more than two hours before a fuel header tank split and their car was withdrawn after holding third place. Their place might have been taken by the little Chevron, but it developed a misfire and its drivers had to be content with fifth place.

For the remainder of the series, nevertheless, Redman must stand favourite, for Hailwood—hoping to redeem his sports car reputation with a works-supported Lola-Cosworth—unhappily crashed and wrecked the car at Kyalami.

Rand Daily Mail 9-Hours – Sports Cars Groups 5 and 6, etc. – Kyalami – Warm and sunny
1st:J. Ickx/I. Giunti (Ferrari 512S – 5-litre V12-cyl.) ...................... 370 laps

2nd:J. Siffert/K. Ahrens (Porsche 917 – 4.5-litre 12-cyl.) .............. 369 laps

3rd:H. Marko/R. Lins (Porsche 908 – 3-litre 8-cy.) ....................... 354 laps

4th:G. Larrousse/G. van Lennep (Porsche 908 – 3-litre 8-cyl.) ...... 346 laps

5th:B. Redman/J. Hine (Chevron B19-Cosworth – 1.8-litre 4-cyl.) . 346 laps

6th:D. Bell/H. de Fierlant (Ferrari 512S – 5-litre 12-cyl.) ................ 346 laps