Books for Christmas

"German Aircraft of The First World War", by Peter Gray and Owen Thetford. 600 pp. 8-3/4 in. x 5-1/2 in. (Putnam & Co. Ltd., 9, Bow Street, London, WC2. 105s.)

What can a reviewer say? The comprehensiveness, quality, the copious photographs and scale drawings, the tabulated matter and data tables put these Putnam aeronautical books in a category of their own, as impeccable reference works. The subject of this one is self-explanatory from the title and with Gray and Thetford as the co-authors, little more requires to be said. The aeroplanes so splendidly covered range from AEG to Zeppelin-Staaken and there is a wealth of information about the formation of the German Air Force of 1914/18, appendices on such matters as the 1918 D-type competitions, Albatros "L" designations, etc., etc. Nostalgic stuff!—W. B.