The Vintage Years of the Morgan Three-Wheeler

by W. Boddy. 27 pp. 9-3/4 in. x 6 in.

(Grenville Publishing Co. Ltd., Standard House, Bonhill Street, London, EC2. 10s.)

Into this little book the Editor of Motor Sport has packed an enormous amount of fascinating detail about the famous Morgan three-wheeler from Malvern Link—its origins, its development year by year from 1910 to 1930, its racing and record-breaking activities, comparisons with other three-wheelers and cyclecars and light cars, the Show models and so on. There are 27 photographic plates, mostly of competition Morgans, and a diagram of the unique construction of a Morgan three-wheeler chassis, the models of 1918 and 1924 being separately depicted. The advent of the Morgan 4/4 and the post-vintage three-wheelers down to 1950 are touched on and illustrated. This history is notably detailed, within space considerations, by an author who always craves a detailed story. And there is even a Morgan "tailpiece"!

Although this material was prepared for Motor Sport and appeared therein many years ago. this is no photostat reproduction—the text, written after consultation of Mr. Peter Morgan's family albums, has been revised and entirely reset, and many of the picture blocks were made specially for this booklet, which is a useful addition to the growing one-make list.