Gilbern in the States


I have recently acquired a 1962 Gilbern GT; to my knowledge the only one in the US. The car has been used for autocrossing for many years now but its MG mechanical components have been renewed and it runs very well.

The fibreglass body is essentially intact and will not require extensive restoration. To lighten the car for racing, however, most trim, both exterior and interior, has been stripped and, somewhere over the years, lost.

Therefore, I am at the mercy of your readers who may be Gilbern enthusiasts to provide me with information on all body trim, bumpers, grille, lights, etc. I expect many of these except medallions are proprietary parts, available in US junkyards if one knows the original source. Any photos, copies of sales brochures, road tests, or advice will be most appreciated. Naturally, I want the restoration to be as authentic as possible.

When complete I will be entering the Gilbern in Vintage [Really!—Ed.] sports car races. Rest assured that I will provide you with a photo of its post-restoration competition debut.


[Letters will be forwarded—Ed.]