Singer Support


I would like to ask for the right to reply to reader Spicer's letter in Motor Sport (November) with regard to his last paragraph.

I feel that an explanation is required for the benefit of most readers, as Mr. Spicer has only served to tangle the facts.

The centenary of Singer has been celebrated this year officially by the Singer Owners' Club (which is an RAC recognised club) and Chrysler UK Ltd. and it is not just something I dreamed up. That is my first point.

Secondly, I did not think it too unfair for Motor Sport to show a little interest in Singer cars, since it's the centenary of the founder company we are celebrating not the demise of the cars. Way back in the 30s the Singer Nine Le Mans was more than a match for the then current MGs not to mention the 1 1/2-litre cars which MGs and others could not match at all on most occasions.

Come on MMotor Sport, and all your staff, you owe at least a small article to Singer enthusiasts everywhere. We all have to put up with having MG pushed at us all the time; it won't hurt for once to be the other way round. In my book Singers are better than MGs, but then I am an enthusiast (unlike reader Spicer thinks!), but I will agree that MGs are almost as good!


Owner and driver of 1934 Singer Nine Le Mans