An interesting Corvette


I am seeking information about the early "life" of a car I am rebuilding and hope you may be able to help me.

The car is a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, registration WUC 7. After I bought it, I found a picture of it in the book "A History of Sport Cars" written by Mr. A. Georgano. The photo shows the car being driven by Sir Gawainne Baillie at Silverstone. I wrote Mr. Georgano, to see if he had any information on the car and he replied he had obtained the photo from either Autosport or Motor Sport, but had no additional information to offer.

The car was configured for performance, with every option apparently available then, fuel injection, limited slip diff., heavy duty suspension and brakes, 4-speed box, and an additional "wishbone" from the bottom of the diff., back to the rear frame member, to help reduce wrap-up. In addition, the brake pedal and accelerator pedals were changed for special racing type, for heel-and-toe operation. The Fl unit has unfortunately been taken off by one of the previous owners.

From this I do hope that you may be able to help me get information about either the car or its owners. Any information you can provide will be deeply appreciated, believe me.