Mays' Sprint Car




Following your recent “Famous Registration Numbers” articles, may lank your readers if they can throw any light on a 1950 / 51 Mille-Miglia Frazer-Nash Registration Number OPJ 3. I first saw the car in a showroom of Johnson & Brown at Bromley, Kent some 20 odd years ago and well remember frequently cycling the 4 miles

to Bromley and back to look at the car (I was about 12 at the time).

I recently traced Andrew Brown to Rose & Young at Caterham but he only knew the history of a year or so aftcr it left his showroom.

I should be pleased to have any information your readers can give and would travel anywhere in the UK just to have a look at her once more. Chislehurst, Kent L. R. MOORBY [Letters will be forwarded) From Lord Montagu of Beaulieu

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