Club news

The Citroen Car Club

The Citroen Car Club continues to be a very well-run organisation, with a professional-looking monthly magazine, t he Citroenian, which is devoted to Citroens of all kinds, with a "Light-15 Corner", "Two & Three Horse Topics", news of the D-Series Register and niche Club's regional sections, etc. The Club holds many social and rally-type meetings. Its Patron is Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, its President is Mr. E. A. Gard, and the Membership Secretary is Andrew Brodie, 53, Norman Court, Nether Street, London, N3 IQQ, the annual subscription being E10, with a reduction to 15 for those joining between now and next March. The Club caters for those with Citroen maintenance, spares, and disposal problems.

The Motor Cycling Club

The MCC's 1981 trials season ended with the Edinburgh on October 3rd, which dashed many competitors' hopes for Triple awards (first class awards in each of the Exeter. Land's End. and Edinburgh classic trials). The club is run on exemplary frugal lines, and a sudden increase in Triple awards would have needed some increase from the present (6 subscription to fund the silverware. Litton Slack and Great Hucklow between them served tic keep the MCC's funds in the blacken the Edinburgh. however, which had a full entry of 250 plus 14 reserves, and enjoyed much damper weather than the two earlier events. The lucky six Triple winners for 1981 were Andrews, Wall, Unman, and Jackson — all in Cortina engined Dellows (a combination which has proved effective but which saddens the 1172 purists), Maynard with a 1 1/2-litre VW beetle, and VSCC exponent Barry Clarke with a 1927 Austin Seven Chummy. There is no record of a vintage car having won a Triple since the Hitler war, and for one of such humble origins to do so is a particularlv good effort.

Hants & Berks Motor Club

One of the longer-established regional motor clubs, the "Hants & Berks" has played for many years an active part in promoting the well-known Economy Runs, marshalling at the RAC Rally, continuing events in the old Holland Birkett tradition, such as the Navigational Scatter scheduled for the night of December 5thi6th, running Autotests, etc. In addition, the Club has a full social and competition programme, over a dozen 1982 fixtures having been confirmed. and a few 1983 dates having been already established. The President is Michael Bowler and the lion. Secretary is Bill Bonney, 283, Loddon Bridge Road, Wixidlev, Reading. Berks.

Triumph Sports Six Club

With the introduction oI turning Cink, a bi-annual, to supplement the monthly news sheet. The Courier, the Triumph Sports Six Gab is expanding its horizons to include historic articles and re-prints of original road tests as well as the usual club newsletter bread and butter. The first issue is neatly produced in AS size and commemorates the introduction in 1959 of the Triumph Herald. contains some hints and tips about CD Carburetters and describes how to convert a Herald to disc brakes, amongst other interesting reading.