Durability Guarantees


I am still an enthusiastic reader of MOTOR SPORT and was very interested in your two articles re Pre-War guarantees.

I have a copy of S. F. Edge’s AC catalogue — as you say, almost a complete book. Mine was sent to me at school in December 1924. The speeds guaranteed in this catalogue are 70 m.p.h. for the four cylinder sports chassis and 85 m.p.h. for the six-cylinder sports chassis — slightly higher than those you mention.

You wonder whether anyone even invoked any of these claims? This I do not know, but I was told by Jack Bentley that he lost a sale of a 6 1/2-litre Le Mans Bentley because it failed by less than one m.p.h. to attain 120 m.p.h., fully equipped, timed at Brooklands.

Berwick-on-Tweed R. G. SUTHERLAND