Invicta and Imperia


It was very pleasant to read the absorbing account of your interview with Mrs. John Hindmarsh, formerly Miss Violet Corderey, and to re-live her exploits with Invictas of several sorts. It is a make which has been too long neglected by motoring writers; although not fulfilling its early promise, perhaps because of lack of finance, it was nevertheless a splendid car of remarkable performance and striking appearance. Incidentally. I don't think that the 30,000 miles car could have been the one that Donald Healey won the Monte Carlo Rally with. The former was a high-chassis car, as correctly shown in your photograph on p. 1333 of October MOTOR SPORT, whilst the Monte car was surely an "S" type. low-chassis car, popularly known as the "100 m.p.h." Invicta. The Imperia "Fragments" were also very interesting.

Totteridge J. CLASSEY

[We are glad you enjoyed the Mrs. Hindmarsh interview. We thought at the time that the point you raise seemed incorrect, but Donald Healey drove in more than one Monte Carlo Rall, eventually using a low-chassis Invicta on oversize wheels and tyres. But we bowed to Mrs. Hindmarsh's memory — W. B.]