TONY POND (above) won his second consecutive Rally Sprint at Donington. The other British driver was Terry Kaby who drove the Toyota Celica (below, left) to a good time on the stage. Grand Prix star Derek Daly found the Talbot Sunbeam (below, right) a bit of a handful.

The eight Grand Prix and rally stars line up on the Donington circuit (right) ready for the ten lap race. Pond sits on pole as he led his opponents after the first two disciplines. Airrikala, fastest on the Rally stage driving the Talbot, was second for the race grid and Swede Stig Blomqvist had two steady runs on the rally stage and autotest to gain third place on the grid.

The race turned into a good dice with Blomqvist and Rosberg, the rally driver getting the better of the Finn, beating him narrowly, with Pond in third place and the title.