RAC Runners and Riders

Out of a remarkable entry of 418, there were 356 veterans actually on the Veteran Car Run, and of thew the first to arrive in Brighton was A Parkinson’s 1899 De Dion tricycle. It is rather amusing that the RAC still quotes the first arrival, although in recent times it has frowned on those who get to Brighton too quickly! This time 70 entrants are to be reprimanded for this or other offences.

As has become customary, show-biz personalities got publicised rides, Radio Two disc-jockey Ray Moore on a 1904 De Dion getting in 15 minutes before his Radio One counterpart Dave Lee Travis, who rode on Lord Montagu’s 1899 Daimler.

The Chief Executive of RAC Motoring Services had to push the 1901 Mors to the finish and Sir John Egan had overheating problems with his 1903 Daimler towards the end. However Ford of Britain Chairman Derek Baron enjoyed a completely trouble-free journey on the 1904 Type-C two-cylinder which is the oldest-known “running” Ford in Europe. WB