Crossle moves into new era

The Crossle Car Company, Britain’s oldest manufacturer of competition cars has been sold by John Crossle to Arnie Black. He will continue to be involved as a consultant.

I’m very much behind the move,” said Crossle, who launched the company in 1957. “We have built around 1000 cars since the early ’60s, and my wife has handled the books since the start. She could do with a rest!”

“John’s reputation for engineering excellence still sees owners sending their chassis back to the factory, for rebuilds,” said Black. “It would be good to build cars again.”

The production of 9S chassis (based on the 1960s sports racing design) is part of the programme which could see Crossle re-enter the contemporary racing car market it left a decade ago.

“The 9S is a simple and strong chassis, and with an engine like a 2-litre Vauxhall or Ford Zetec is both quick easy to run,” says Black. A handful of retro-racers have already been made, but new versions have been planned with other engines, with a view to selling to the Japanese and US markets.