A glance at developments from the Formula 1 pitlane

In an effort to erode Red Bull dominance, Ferrari arrived at Singapore with several revisions. A new front wing featured a steeper main plane with slot gap widened to full width, creating higher downforce. Airflow around the sidepods was tidied up with a simpler vertical vane and new small turning vanes to redirect the airflow back along the car, where there were minor revisions to the rear wing/diffuser.

McLaren has repeatedly revised the aero surfaces attached to the nose. In Japan, the front wing pillars were shifted back by 10cm, placing them closer to the floor’s leading edge, which aids underfloor downforce. Also, the shape of the inner wingspan was altered to further optimise airflow to the underfloor.

Mercedes featured a new floor section around the rear wheels. All season this section has been machined from metal, with a single slot taking high-pressure air from above the floor and directing it at the tyre’s inner sidewall. This negates tyre turbulence, called ‘tyre squirt’, that would otherwise wreck diffuser performance. In Japan this section featured three slots for a stronger effect to counter tyre squirt.