Safety First---In Manufacturing.



Safety First-In Manufacturing.

FROM the view-point of safety there are no more vital parts of a car than the steering arm and the stub axles. If a tyre bursts, if the brakes fail, if a wheel comes off, even, the driver has a chance, but if there is any failure in the steering he is helpless.

Curiously enough, although the materials used in the steering :gear are of the highest quality in every car, there are few manufacturers who make a Special point of ensuring safety in this department.

An exception to the rule is found at the Rover works. Here the steering arm, stub axles, etc., are first sand blasted. Next they undergo a Brinnel test, after which they are dipped in warm paraffin and are polished. They are then inspected under a strong light, when the appearance of paraffin on the metal makes the slightest imperfection easily visible.

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