THE Colmore Trial which was instituted in 1911 by the Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham Automobile Club (Sunbac) will be run this year on the 13th of this month. The start will be from the Unicorn Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon, and the route will be about 90 miles. The event is open to members of clubs associated with the R.A.C.,

and (in. the case of three-wheelers and motorcycles), the A.C. U., and the closing date for entries is Wednesday next, 3rd February. Application for entry should be made to the secretary of the meeting and the clerk of the course, Mr. J. Woodhouse, of 10, Warwick Chambers. Corporation Street, Birmingham. The prizes offered are as follows :

the CoImre Trophy (for the best performance), the Rhode Cup (for the best performance with a car of under 1,100 c.c.), the Bernard Morris Cup (for the best performance with a car of over 1,100 c.c.), the committee team prize (for the best performance by a nominated team of three drivers) and the Muratti Trophy. The latter is awarded annually for the best aggregate performance of the season.

London-Gloucester Results.

THE results of the London-Gloucester trial (held on 12th December), are as follows :—Gloucester Cup—H. C. Wardle (Wolseley Hornet) ; NorthWest London Cup—G. C. Harris (Morgan); South-Midland Centre Plaque—G. W. Olive (Standard Avon Sports) ; President’s Cup—F. N. Foster (M.G. Magna) ; Ladies’ Cup—Mrs. C. G. Scudamore (Triumph Gnat).

Gold medals—G. C. Harris (Morgan) and H. C. Wardle (Wolseley Hornet).

Silver Cups—C. W. Stagg (Baughan), R.. T. Horton (Morgan), H. S. Linfield (M.G.), G. E. Taylor (M.G.), R. M. Mere (M.G.), T. A. W. Thorpe (M.G.), N. H. Cole (M.G.), H. C. Hunter (Riley), M. A. McEvoy (Wolseley Hornet), V. W. Derrington (Wolseley Hornet), J. A. M. Patrick (Wolseley Hornet), F. S. Hutchens (Wolseley Hornet), R.. J. P. Morley (A.C. Acedes), C. Mann (Ford).

Silver medals—H. • Laird (Morgan)1 J. S. Drewett (Austin), C. W. B. Marshal, (Austin), J. A. Berry (M.G.), C. G. Hill (M.G.), J. B. Carver (M.G.), E. G Rimington (Jowett), C H. Lawford (Riley), R.. A. Little wood (Riley), H. j. Ripley (Riley), V. H. Tuson (Fiat), M. E. King (Frazer-Nash), M. W. B. May (Alvis), C. Montague Johnson (Alpine Riley), and A. L. Watson (M.G.).

Bronze medals—J. C. C. Bond (Austin), J. S. Harrison (Austin), F. M. Shepherd (Alta Austin), C. F. Widmann (Triumph), E. A. Denton (M.G.), K. C. McGuffie (Morris Minor), A. C. Pairtlough (Salimson), G. E. Vaughan (Riley), Mrs. A. S. Gripper (Riley), R.. Livesey (Talbot), M. P. L. Falkner (Alvis), Sir A. W. MacRobert (Aston Martin), C. G. H. Dunham (Rover), F. M. Hill (Triumph), T. R.. Vickers (Frazer Nash), L. B. Henderson (Triumph), C. S. Hollinghurst (M.G. Magna), C. 13. Jones (Frazer Nash), W. J. Haward (Bayliss Thomas), H. P. A. Peaty (Frazer Nash), D. C. Sidebottom (Ford), R. C. Porter (Alvis), Miss M. Milne (Austin), E. Wiggall (Morris Major), Raymond Way (Rover), Miss B. Daniell (A.C.), and Mrs. H. Babington (Austin).

No award—Miss E. H. May (M.G.), W. G. E. Rushworth (Austin), R. J. B. Seaman (Riley), C. V. Wells (Riley), A. Sebag-Montefiore (Frazer Nash), A. Negal (Morris Major), and J. W. Whalley (Ford). Retired—Hon. Mrs. Chetwynd (M.G.),

Hon. A. D. Chetwynd (M.G.), P. A. Taneborne (Austin B.C.), K. W. Hole (M.G.), J. M. Horan (Austin), G. L. Glegg (Austin), A. Squillario (Morris Minor), J. C. 131agden (Talbot), E. Urlwin-Smith (Wolseley Hornet), K. D. Evans (Alfa Romeo), A. H. Lancaster (Bugatti), K. N. Hutchison (Frazer Nash), J. A. Robinson (Lancia), Miss M. Allan (Lagonda), G. A. Hoar (Lancia Lambda), P. J. Urlwin-Smith (Vauxhall),and John Daniell (Chrysler). Non-starters—T. M. Mills (Austin), D. G. Wilson (Talbot), S. Doland (Wolseley Hornet), Lord de Clifford (Lagonda), and E. G. Wardrop

Duplicate Motoring Offences.

THE A.A. has successfully appealed to the High Court against the conviction of a motorist charged with alternative offences in one summons.

In the first instance, the motorist was actually served with two summonses containing five offences. One summons specified three offences—driving recklessly or at a speed or in a manner which was dangerous to the public, while the other summons included two offences— driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration. The first summons was dismissed, but the Godalming Bench convicted on the second, imposing a maximum fine of 220.

The Divisional Court unanimously upheld the contention of Mr. Laurence Vine (instructed by the Automobile Association) that the conviction was bad for duplicity, and awarded costs against the police.

Big ” Stock ” Trial. NE of the most exacting and strenuous ” stock car” trials ever

organised was recently run over the Circuit of the Nurburg Ring in Germany. Arranged by the Automobile Club of Germany and the Allgemeine Deutche Automobile Club, it attracted many entries and. lasted for thirty days. The cars entered were taken from stock, and all important parts were officially sealed, and so that they would be absolutely” brand, new,” they were not driven to the Ring, but transported there. The

first few days of the trial were occupied in the running in of the machines, and they were driven, day and • night, each car carrying an official observer.

Besides running to set average speeds, each competitor had to go through a brake test every day, and have his petrol and. oil consumption checked. A daily inspection was also made of all the main points of the vehicles, while sump dilution and so forth were carefully recorded. Every 24 hours the competitors were given one hour for maintenance work, and every six laps a ten-minutes refuelling stop was alloweda

Each entrant carried a “repairs account “which provided a complete record of the running costs throughout the 30days’ run.

British Cars for the Continent of Europe.

LARGELY due to our departure from the gold standard, there are now possibilities of selling British motorcars on the Continent of Europe.

This has already been appreciated by leaders of the motor industry, some of whom have lost no time in setting in motion the necessary sales machinery. The Singer company, for instance, has arranged a concession for the whole Continent and distributors have been appointed in Spain and Czecho-Slovakia, in addition to those already operating in Portugal and Denmark. Catalogues are now being printed in every possible European language.

The same firm is making determined headway in the overseas markets elsewhere. Factory representatives are busy in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other Dominions, whilst the company’s export manager is at present in South America where he is furthering the business which was opened up during the Trades Exhibition last year.

A Royal Appointment.

Awarrant of appointment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales has been issued to C. C. Wakefield & Co., Ltd.

This firm has for some years past held a similar appointment to His Majesty the King.